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Press release   •   Feb 21, 2019 02:38 GMT

This week sees the release of increased utility for boss heads and further Chambers of Xeric Chambers changes.A board outside the dungeon will allow you to see how many more scrolls you've absorbed of rs07 gold each type. If you're in a party that's in its Recruiting phase, the board will try to find the leader and display for you how many scrolls they've absorbed.We'll be collecting your feedback and ideas on this forum thread.Should Xeric's Ward scrolls be introduced, as described in the blog, allowing players to reduce their chances of encountering a specific room when generating a Chambers of Xeric instance?

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As the stacks of boss heads have been building in players' banks, we've received more and more requests to add ways to make them useful, beyond the one-off uses such as re-colouring your Slayer helm. In response, we have made the changes found below to give some additional options.

Assembler Effect for the Ranging Cape

Those of you who have slain Vorkath enough times to get a Vorkath head drop can now use it on a Ranging cape to give it the same ammo collection rates as Ava's assembler. Until now, the Ranging cape has had the ammo-saving effects equivalent to Ava's accumalator. Bear in mind that you'll need to use Vorkath's head directly onto the cape - using a pre-made Ava's assembler will not work.

The Dark Altar

You can now sacrifice your excess trophy head drops on Dark Altar to gain Prayer XP. This gives a flat rate of 2,500 XP for each head except Vorkath's which grants 1,000 XP as it's the most common. Using the Dark Altar in this way does not require any Arceuus or other favour and can be done in bulk, hence the reduced XP compared to using Vorkath's head as an Ensouled dragon's head sacrifice - which remains an option.

N.B. As this method of influencing the contents of your dungeon is earned, we'd prefer that players not be able to bypass it for free by using an alternate client to scout the dungeon and re-randomise over and over again until they get a "random" outcome they like, for free. This means that we'd need to remove scouting, though we know that's a really big deal for players, and we'd prefer to work with you to make a feature you'd be willing to accept, so please share any other constructive suggestions you've got for influencing which rooms you'll encounter without simply re-rolling "random" outcomes indefinitely.

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