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Press release   •   Feb 15, 2019 02:46 GMT

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Infernal Mages are slayer monsters that require 45 Slayer to kill. They can be slain for their common death rune drops and their rarely dropped dark mystic boots and hat. When assigned by Vannaka and Chaeldar OSRS as monsters for a slayer task, beware of their accurate magic attack.

OSRS Infernal Mages are slayer monsters located in the Morytania Slayer Tower,Infernal Mages use a weaker version of the spell Fire Blast to attack the player, so it is recommended to wear dragonhide or magic armour, which will reduce their chance to hit. Wearing Void Knight armour is a good option because of its high magic defence.

The Protect from Magic prayer is recommended for lower levels, as these mages hit extremely often. Prayer flicking is an effective strategy to minimise their damage output. They are weak to ranged, so it is advisable to bring the best bow, knives or crossbow available.

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