Participate in RS Breaking the Storm & Collect Crest Fragments

Press release   •   Jun 27, 2019 08:09 GMT

Workers at the Varrock dig site need your help to build runescape gold a seaworthy vessel! Until July 8th, join in RS Breaking the Storm community event, collect crest fragments and exchange for the big event mystery box and other rewards.

RS Breaking the Storm event schedule

Breaking the Storm RuneScape event has been active now and will run until July 8th. During this period, players can help build a boat at the Varrock Dig Site for future use in travelling to the newly-discovered island of Anachronia. The boat is built in 4 phases:
(From June 24) Phase 1 Farming, Woodcutting and Construction
(From June 27) Phase 2 Smithing and Construction
(From June 29) Phase 3 Magic and Invention
(From July 4) Phase 4 Divination and Crafting
Players earn 10% extra XP while in the “Breaking the Storm” area.

Detailed spots of 5 hidden crest fragments

Players can speak to Mr. Mordaut at the Digsite to receive a special task. Players need to collect crest fragments of a powerful ancient crest hidden across the site, and here are the spots where crest fragments can be found:
-North of the boat, next to the winch
-West of the boat, on the raised terrain next to an oak tree and pink flowers
-In the dig area immediately west of the boat, south-west of the winch
-South-west of the boat, in the dig area containing a cart
-South of the boat and just slightly north of the Exam Centre, next to a stationery Archaeologist

Rewards gained from Breaking the Storm

Players can use RuneScape boat materials they gained to exchange for the following rewards:
Varrock Agent Boots
Big event mystery box
Varrock Agent Gloves
Varrock Agent Faulds
Varrock Agent Tunic
Varrock Agent Cowl
Big event mystery box
Flag resting
Mordaut jr.
“Stormbreaker” title

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