Preview of RS Big Game Hunter with the Land Out of Time Update

Press release   •   Jun 17, 2019 06:26 GMT

The big summer update 2019, the Land Out of Time, will kick off in July. It will come with some exciting in-game content, including a new hunting method on the island called RS Big Game Hunter with runescape gold .

New activity named RS Big Game Hunter

RuneScape Big Game Hunter is a brand-new activity planned to release with The Land Out of Time in July this year. This new and innovative activity will require level 75 Hunter to level 96 Hunter.
There will be nine brand new creatures to hunt in RuneScape Big Game Hunter. Resources can be collected to build and arm traps in order to kill the creature. High aggression will make the creature scare you away. This activity is instanced, so there is no competition currently. Every creature kill, you skin it and loot it. The loot will roll on a drop table similar to how boss drops work.

Drops in RuneScape Big Game Hunter

Some rewards in RuneScape Big Game Hunter drop table are also revealed in the official live stream. You can use the skin obtained from the Big Game Hunter to make a new T75 Ranged tank armour set. This armour is the ranged version of Ganodermic, and like Gano flakes, it has its own themed “flakes” which is used to craft it. There will also be the Hexhunter-style Maul, which will be dropped in three untradeable pieces. The Maul will offer the damage boost against Ranged-based enemies. The completed maul is tradeable.

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