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Press release   •   Jul 26, 2017 02:29 GMT

The Slayer Tower, the most essential place for PvM, has not been fully explored after 15 years. Slayer bosses are always very popular, but they have high Slayer level requirements, which is a disadvantage.Gargoyles are one of the most popular Slayer assignments. They're a true milestone in the skill, and are a profitable task.If introduce a new slayer boss available at level 75, we can bring a bit more excitement to a Gargoyle task, and provide our community with runescape 2007 gold and the sustainable.As the tower fell to ruin, rising decay swallow the fortress’s foundations, eating its way up, through stone and timber until finally, it enveloped and embittered the Guardians' black hearts.

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To herald the arrival of F2P Castle Wars, Mods Stone and Sween will be competing against one another, and it's going to be on you to determine who will reign supreme! Gear up and head to Castle Wars in World 383! Swear your allegiance to either Mod Stone, Hero of Saradomin, or Mod Sween, Champion for Zamorak.Join Mod Stone and Mod Sween in-game and on on Friday 21st 3pm BST/2pm UTC/10am EST.

Monks of Zamorak now drop Zamorak robes (top and bottom). This change applies to all Monks of Zamorak, and notably it allows F2P access to the robes. You can find Monks of Zamorak in free areas in the Asgarnian chaos temple, or a single captured monk held in Varrock Palace.The robes themselves offer the best magic bonuses in F2P. The top and bottom each arrive with a +2 Magic attack, +3 Magic defence, and +3 Prayer bonus.

The mighty Amulet of Accuracy is received upon completion of the challenging Imp Catcher quest. Prior to today the amulet could only be received once per account. Wizard Mizgog must have just stumbled across a hoard of them, because he now offers new amulets in return for complete set of beads (black, red, white, and yellow).

Belona, found within the Mining Guild, will now combine your Mining gloves and Superior mining gloves in exchange for Expert mining gloves. The Expert mining gloves have the effect of both the ordinary Mining gloves and the Superior mining gloves.Expert mining gloves require 70 Mining to equip, and are offered by Belona at a cost of 60 minerals. To obtain Expert mining gloves scratch will require 240 unidentified minerals (the cost of all three gloves).

Since the introduction of pools within Player-Owned-Houses we've noticed that Nardah isn't quite the attractive destination it once was. To ensure completion of the Elite Desert achievement diary remains suitably rewarding, we've now added the option to teleport to the task-only Kalphite cave. This is a new option in addition to the existing teleport to Nardah.

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