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Press Release   •   Aug 11, 2017 02:29 GMT

When a player has been assigned a gargoyle slayer task, a rare, brittle key will drop gargoyles on death. Brittle keys cannot be traded.A Brittle Key will permanently unlock the Slayer Tower roof when it is used on the roof's door, located on the tower’s 2nd floor.Once unlocked, and only when on a Gargoyle assignment, you will be able to face the Grotesque Guardians in place of cheap rs 07 gold regular gargoyles.

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Granite Dust

Granite dust can be applied to cannonballs in order to increase their max hit 30 to 35. Granite dust is stackable and tradeable, and so are granite-coated cannonballs.Creating granite-coated cannonballs is done by using granite dust on cannonballs. Combining the two has no requirements, and can be done with any quantity. It is not possible to reverse this.Every kill against the Grotesque Guardians will result in a granite dust drop. The quantity dropped may vary, but each kill will provide a base amount.

Black Tourmaline Shards

Black Tourmaline Shards are rare drops the Grotesque Guardians. They can be attached to Bandos boots to create Grotesque boots.Requiring 75 Defence to equip, Grotesque boots provide a strong defensive boost in combat, and offer a noteworthy counterpart to the offensive stats of primordial boots.

If the Grotesque Guardians were to pass, we would be aiming for release late August.As always, we are keen to hear your thoughts on the content of this post and are happy to make changes based on your feedback!Mods Ghost, Kieren, Roq, and Wolf will be available to take your questions and your suggestions this on this Thursday 20th’s Grotesque Guardians design stream. The stream starts at 12pm UTC and will continue in the background of the developer Q&A.

it is going into the closed beta later in 2017, if you are interested in experience OSRS on mobile in advance, you can register to earn the chance. Jagex will choose players according to the account history and device compatibility. At the same time, when the beta begins, all Jagex staff and selected social influencers will be seen in the beta.Super hyped for the release! One of the best things to happen to RuneScape, just imagine how many more people will be playing!Best news ever Great, can't wait!

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