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Press release   •   Feb 17, 2017 02:47 GMT

It has been 4 years back the absolution of Old School RuneScape, and Affair Pete is throwing a altogether back-bite of runescape 2007 gold ballsy proportions!Head to the Falador affair allowance and accept a babble with Affair Pete to get started and accommodate a allowance hand.If you're accommodating to advice out and accomplish this affair the best to accept anytime graced Gielinor, Affair Pete will accolade you with all of the antecedent rewards altogether events:

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Cow outfit War ship Gnome adolescent hat

He will aswell allotment two cast new rewards: balloons and a 4th altogether hat!

Twelve New Worlds!

We've developed a lot over the accomplished 4 years. There are now added Old School players than anytime before. To bless this, and to accord you all a little added room, we've added twelve new worlds!Due to the absolute basement we accept for hosting Old School worlds in North America, it is a abundant simpler appointment for us to add NA worlds than it is for us to aggrandize into Australia.Australian worlds are still something we are still alive towards, as we wish to accomplish abiding they are as able-bodied and abiding as they can be if they arrive. Unfortunately we aren't able to put a timeframe advanced at this point, but we will accumulate you all up to date as things progress.

PvM Quality of Life Improvements

A brace of weeks ago we ran a poll including 10 PvM Quality of Life updates. 9 out of those 10 updates fabricated it accomplished the poll and can now be begin in game!

Dagannoth Kings' Apache Lair

It is now accessible to right-click the ladder arch to the DKs and baddest the 'Slayer' advantage to admission a abstracted adaptation of the lair.Within this adaptation of the lair, you will alone be able to advance the Dagannoth Kings while you are on a Dagannoth or Dagannoth Kings apache task. There are no restrictions on entering this adaptation of the lair, in case you wish to acknowledgment to aces up items afterwards a death.

Safe Peeking for KQ and DKs

Two new cracks accept appeared aloft both the Kalphite Queen and Dagannoth Kings' lair. These cracks can be acclimated to analysis whether or not adventurers are already demography on the administration after accepting to anguish so abundant about monsters advancing you.

Corp Cavern Shrunk

The cavern alfresco the Corporeal Beast’s burrow has been fabricated smaller. This agency that it will be beneath acceptable to accept a map loading abuttals appropriate in the average of the Corp’s action area.

Elysian Spirit Absorber Improved

The appropriate aftereffect of the Elysian Spirit Absorber now applies to the afterward attacks that accord accident through aegis prayers:

Other PvM QoL Improvements

The Spectral spirit absorber now reduces adoration cesspool by 50% on all adoration clarification attacks alfresco of PvP.The Dark antique has been upgraded to be adapted for any skill, accouterment acquaintance according to 150x your akin for abilities acclimated in Raids (combat skills, Mining, Woodcutting, Herblore, Farming, Hunter, Cooking, Fishing, Thieving, Firemaking and Agility), and 50x for added skills.Slayer Masters now action to argue Mithril Dragons to bead their confined in acclaimed anatomy while on a apache assignment, for a amount of 200 apache points.

The Trident of the Seas and Toxic alternative can now be answerable after un-equipping captivated items.The King Black Dragon respawn timer has been bargain to 10 seconds.

Redwood Tree Overhaul

The accessibility and actualization of Redwood Trees accept now been acutely improved!Aside searching distinct, there are now abounding added spots area you can chop abroad at the two Redwood Trees begin aural the Woodcutting Guild.

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