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Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2017 02:25 GMT

OSRS Raids have already released nearly a whole week. Actually, over the past week, Jagex has continued reading players' feedback on the Chambers of Xeric. Inconsideration of some requirements and suggestions, now there will be new improvements of Raids. It's wise for you to buy cheap rs 2007 gold with 9% off immediately at RSorder.

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We have a New Year's feast for you today. We're expanding the Month Ahead to become an entire Year Ahead. That means the usual helping of January reveals, with a side order of treats from the rest of the year. Of course , our discount activity is going on.Do not miss the last time, full stock and fast delviery rs 2007 gold Buying for you , Focus on RSorder is your right choice on 2017 .Besides , We're talking the Menaphos expansion, the Bank Rework, a quest we have never mentioned before, and much, much more.


Where to start? How about January, and its theme of...surprise! Everything we're launching in January has been kept under wraps. That begins with a surprise update that is coming out tomorrow - on January 9th!If you're like me, you'll have a soft spot for Guthix, and you were mortified at the end of The World Wakes. Well, Memorial to Guthix will let you say goodbye in a rather rewarding way.

While doing Divination, you will occasionally receive an item in your currency pouch. These are memory strands, and you'll be combining them with fragments from Guthix's past that you will find around the wider world. This will result in something called echoes , which can be placed in your own temple for chunks of XP and some revelations that will change the way you think of Guthix completely.More importantly, the more echoes you gather, the more passive Divination benefits you can choose from. These include longer wisp durations, increased XP from divine locations, some rather fetching butterfly wings and more!


So, January is all well and good, but what's happening after then? This is a Year Ahead, after all!While January was all about surprise. February is about passion. It's about giving our developers time to make the projects they have been bursting to make. It's about teams grabbing passionate player ideas from the forums and Reddit and getting them into the game. It's a whole month dedicated to stuff that doesn't traditionally get a chance to rise to the top of the release schedule.We haven't mentioned this until now, and more will be revealed in more detail in February's Month Ahead. But, because I absolutely can't keep a secret, let me tell you what a little bird told me: it's great, Scott. The quest was put together as a personal project by Mod Helen and Mod Nexus, and we were so smitten - we just had to get it made.

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