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Press Release   •   Apr 09, 2018 02:46 GMT

After last week's Easter frolics, this week's update brings the F2P PvP world, plus some bugfixes and under-the-hood maintenance while we gear up for Up to 9% off runescape 2007 gold the oncoming iOS mobile beta, more Theatre of Blood development, the game integrity changes we pitched, and your requests Poll 58.

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The size of the Slayer helmet has been reduced on female characters to better match their usual proportions.A typo has been fixed in Cap'n Hand's dialogue.A typo has been fixed in Rashiliyia's tomb.I don't see how that can't be justified in some cases. I did this to get by, as I saw it as an one time befalling to reside a ages area I don't accept to attempt hard.I accept it's actual amiss and adjoin the agreement of conditions, but in my bearings I had appealing abundant no added choice.

Forthcoming Changes

Under the hood in this update, we've got some engine changes in preparation for the iOS mobile beta that's due next week, based on the learnings the last beta round. Have a read of the recent mobile blog to see what the team's been working on. In the forthcoming beta, we'd like to try out the improved mobile handling of the bank and shops, among other things.

Watch out for invitations in your inbox on our site Tuesday 10th April. Remember, even if you get an 'invitation' email claiming to be us, or a pop-up on Facebook, but there's no invitation in your inbox on our site, that means it's a fake. Please be careful what you click on the internet - especially links in unexpected emails!

We regret we're not seeking more volunteeers to test this beta.

We've also spoken recently about a wide variety of changes we're planning for the game, including game integrity work to help Support keep on top of cheats & bots, and also a proposal for redesigning Old School's death mechanics. We've had an abundance of feedback about these, some positive and some negative, and are taking a bit longer to trawl through it before confirming our next steps. You can imagine it takes some time to review literally tens of thousands of responses to the death mechanics survey! To help guide our decision on that point, we've got some extra tracking code going into the game to help us see just how much people are dying, and .

Finally, our sysadmins are preparing some heavy maintenance to our network and hardware at the various hosting facilities. This is going to require them to take numerous worlds offline for several hours at a time, doing different hosting sites on different days, starting later in April.They'll post their schedule in advance, as it's confirmed, to help you plan your activities accordingly, and they'll give ample countdowns before the worlds go offline for the day. Please keep an eye out for announcements on our site.

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