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Press release   •   Feb 06, 2017 07:53 GMT

Today's update brings a batch of macabre new rewards for Soul Reaper fans, plus an awe-inspiring, player-named Shadow Gorilla pet and matching cosmetic armour set, available for a limited time to RuneCoin buyers.
Soul Reaper RewardsDeath has cast his desolate gaze over the Soul Reaper rewards, and the last thing we'd want to buy runescape gold do is disappoint him. Taking on board ideas from Redditor Fowdraco, Mod Ryan and Mod Daze have filled out the list with some sweet new unlocks.

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Among these is a brand-new Book of Buy RS Gold Death, a pocket-slot item that grants combat stats and a small chance to insta-kill your enemies (or do an extra chunk of damage to bosses). As well as the unlock at Death's Store, it requires 80 Crafting to make, and is untradeable.

Player killing- I'll admit is probably dead, I don't pk and I don't really see anyone in the wilderness when I go over there (which is usually never except for a clue) However, there is Warbands, which is a minigame that takes place in the wilderness and pkers usually go there to kill people doing the minigame. I suppose this was a way to revive pking some and it worked. They also have minigame spotlights every week that add bonuses to the rewards of that minigame, so there's always a huge mass of people at the minigame doing PvM or PvP such as Castle Wars and Pest Control. So saying that pking is dead, you are kind of right about that, there aren't people in the wilderness like there are on OSRS, but there are people pking during minigames and such.

Player vs Monster- Not dead. If anything, it's more alive than pre-EOC. You feel more like you're in the game fighting rather than clicking a monster and wait until it either dies or you heal. Boss fights are amazing because of this. Bosses that were created right before EOC or after are long endurance built for this system and they are really difficult, such as Vorago or Araxxor. That shit is hard to do unless you are maxed and have decent gear with a decent team. I get you were exaggerating with the "1 hit any boss with bronze dagger" comment, but it's far from that. Araxxor takes like 5-10 minutes of nonstop concentration and precise timing of abilities. You're 75% of the time dead if you don't react fast and recover from the mistake. Now for bosses like KBD or Chaos Elemental, those are too easy to kill because they were designed as bosses before EOC was even though of implementing. But because of that, they added the Hard Mode to bosses, which increases their health, increases their defenses, increases their drops, and increases their difficulty as a whole. God Wars Dungeon hard mode is hard as bad.

Also, saying that "noone ever wanted eoc to come out" is such an overstatement. 32,500 out of 89,902 people are playing Runescape 3 as of the time of writing this comment. This may seem like a small number, but as a point brought up earlier in the comment chain, OSRS has a hell of a lot more bots than Runescape 3 does. I doubt you could find more than 10-15 bots a world (maybe 20-25) on RS3, whereas OSRS is filled to the fucking brim with bots. This is just my perspective with this number, but I'd say the actual population (ignoring bots) playing either game is 50-50. This shows that some people did care for EOC and that not everyone didn't want it.

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