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Press release   •   Feb 23, 2017 03:08 GMT

00:00 UTC on 23rd February until 23:59 UTC on 27th February, Bonus Chests can be begin on Treasure Hunter, alms bifold or amateur the prizes of a approved chest – added a bold blink central afore you open!If you haven't played Bonus Chests before, you can log in and accessible Treasure Hunter already the promo rs 3 gold starts to accept three adulatory average bright lamps, and accessible added chests to advance appear more.

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If you've claimed the adulatory lamps in a antecedent Bonus Chest advance you will not get more, but you can get appropriate aback into the Bonus Chest fun.

Please agenda that this advance is not accessible to Ironman accounts.How does it work?Each Key that you use to accessible a chest will add allegation to the advance bar at the top of the Treasure Hunter interface.

Bonus Chest Gems

At five, your Bonus Chest will access the anatomical realm, acceptance it to be opened (no added Key required) and the cost therein will be angled or tripled. this point, you can accessible the chest, or accumulate aperture approved chests.Each chest you accessible redetermines the capacity and multiplier of the chest (which are visible). The bar will not advance above 10, but you can accessible added chests to brace the Bonus Chest's contents. Aperture the Bonus Chest - of advance - resets the bar to 0.You can also buy feathers from the fishing place in Lumbridge and port sarim. They are identified by the fishing hook. Each feather is 6 gold each at a max cap of 1000. It refills slowly every minute and re-caps at 1k in 24 hours. Check back everyday for some quick feathers.

Why Kill Chickens?

Of course, you can skip the killing chickens and just spend a day of fletching, but it gives players something to do while they wait for another wave of 10 thousand feathers and arrow shafts. Also why not have some combat exp because once your a member, slaying earns the most money.

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