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Press release   •   Feb 25, 2019 02:30 GMT

The OSRS game is turning 6 on Feb 22, 2019. To celebrate the 6th Old School RuneScape birthday event, you are invited to collect osrs fire cape cabbage, Brewer's folly, Beer glass of waterhelp, as well as wine of Sir Vyvin Squire to help the Lumbridge Cook to prepare for the birthday cake and the birthday party.

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1.Speak to Lumbridge Cook in Old School Museum at the basement of the Falador Party Room.
2.Get the list of items for the birthday party and read it.
3.Speak to the Cook again to get the Cook's letter.
4.Find a Cabbage from the farm south of Falador.
5.Speak to any barmaid in Rising Sun Inn in Falador to get Brewer's folly.
6.Buy a random ale from the Rising Sun Inn with three coins.
7.Drink the ale, get a beer glass of water from waterpump near the entrance to the hair salon.
8.Give Cook's letter to Sir Vyvin in the White Knights' Castle to get Vyvin's wine.
9.Go back and speak to the Cook again.

Birthday cake & more rewards from the OSRS Birthday Event

After you complete the quest, you can win the Birthday cake released with the 2019 Birthday Event. As a weapon, it offers large attack penalties and is useless compared with real weapons. So it is recommended to be used in "fun weapon" fights in the Duel Arena. Besides, you can also win rewards appeared in previous birthday events, like Prop sword, Cow outfit, Birthday balloons, Smooth dance emote, etc..

Friday 22nd February marks the 6th anniversary of the launch of Old School RuneScape. It’s been a fantastic journey, with player numbers gradually growing to their current highs, as the game carved out its own distinct identity within the RuneScape universe as a fully fledged MMO in its own right. We’d like to thank you all for your support over the years; without the passion of its players, OSRS would never have even existed, and without your perseverance, it would have faded out long ago instead of flourishing as it has.

Join in the Old School RuneScape birthday event and win yourself a birthday cake. And take your time to enjoy the wine from Sir Vyvin Squire after you complete your mission. If you need cheap OSRS gold in the fights after the fun time, you can always buy it from us.

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