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Press release   •   Jul 27, 2018 02:38 GMT

Today,We will provide you some useful skill guides,And remember to use the 7% off code:WDS7 to buy 2007 runescape gold .Using Geomancy to check Grapes and Cacti now reads Minimum Yield rather than Available Yield.The message displayed when savagely dismembering a toad for it's legs have been added to the filter. Poor toad. At least they'll grow back.You can now feed acorns to the Giant squirrel pet.

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A Prayer potion in Old School RuneScape is used to restore Prayer points, which can be convenient during combat.It appears as a vial containing a turquoise fluid. It can be made at level 38 Herblore with a vial of water, ranarr weed and the snape grass.First,you need obtain a vial and fill it with water,second,You should find the ranarr weed, which can be bought, traded, farmed, or picked up as a drop and find snape grass that spawns on Waterbirth Island.Then,Mix the herb (ranarr weed) into the vial of water and mix the secondary (snape grass) with the Ranarr potion.Finally,You will get a Prayer potion with three doses, and grants 87.5 Herblore experience.

We've changed some of The Overseer's dialogue.The Lumbridge store barrel is no longer a Barrel full of staffs. It's now a Barrel full of staves.The Avernic defender and the Ivandis flail have both been added to the Attack skill guide.The tip given by Slayer Masters assigning Adamant dragons has been corrected.

Relogging inside the Theatre of Blood after Verzik dies will now more reliably resync you to your party, so long as any of them remain in the instance.Doric will now recognise that you have the items required to complete the quest upon starting the quest.You can no longer stand inside the wall in Lovakengj bank.Mounted swords, capes and amulets in a player-owned house quest hall will now give a message stating that your inventory is full if this is preventing you from removing the furniture.

A missing word has been added to the Estate Agent's dialogue.Untradeable Midsummer event holiday items have now been made accessible to players without membership. Players without membership will be able to buy them from the store and will be able to wear them.

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