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Press Release   •   Aug 12, 2017 02:31 GMT

This week brings Crystal Skillchompas and Skillchompa Updates, after Mod Timbo's discussion in last week's Month Ahead live stream. See more new information about runescape gold for sale them.Within the faraway of the actual Isfeld forest, on the northern coast associated with Tyras Camp (that looks lighter about the tree than typical), this new degree of skill are available, thanks to Timbo.Capture them in the hunters and rely on them from 61 divination, angling, mining or wood carving within the relevant skills to savor the better benefit.Here we also have made a number of improvements to the entire way of trying to make it more helpful for your skills instruction: now have the chance to capture several skills at any kind of agile level, providing each skill which XP crawls.

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Following reaching some agile thresholds, the chance to capture several skills reaches 100%. Skillchompas are now able to work from your own inventory, or you are able to work while waving.As an RS player about this week's crystal abilities and adjustments are extremely interested, we believe this will cause lots of players attention. You can now place a box trap within the battle.When you use the skills, you'll receive the skills from the invention tool XP failing.

Crystal Skillchompas

You can find the new tier of skillchompas at the far side of the Isafdar Forest, on the coast of north of Tyras Camp. You can also get huge benefits when you catch them from level 97 Hunter and use them from Divination, Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting.

Skillchompa Improvements

There are a number of improvements on skillchompa, which benefits your skill training. You can get XP from each skillchompa at any Agility level. If you get certain Agility thresholds, skillchompas will reach 100%. Skillchompas as well as while wielded now work from your inventory. During combat box traps can now be placed. When skillchompas are used, it will grant you Invention tool XP om failing a skilling action.

Look we love Jagex and think the way they are so involved with the community is awesome. But it can be frustrating when the announce something so far in advance (The Magister to use a recent example) only for it to be delayed because it was not ready. Yes it is better they delay something than releasing it when it is not ready, but sometimes we feel it would be better if they announced something and then hit us with a "and it is going to be out next week" type of thing.

Action Bars

We like the action bars, but think they could do with a little bit of fine tuning. Specifically graying or blacking out things you cannot use. For example, if you do not have the right runes for a particular spell, gray it out so you know before you try to use it. If you do not have the ammo for a particular weapon, gray it out so you know not to bother. It is just a little thing, but it could be a time saver and make things less annoying.These are just a few of the small things we would like to see changed in Runescape, we would love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below.

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