SWTOR Pax Prime Livestream Will Feature Chapter 3 & Companions in KOTFE Expansion

Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2015 03:17 GMT

As scheduled, Swtor Pax Prime Livestream will replace Seattle Cantina Tour to show gameplay of Fallen Empire expansion on August 26. And recently, the community manager Eric appeared on the official forum, telling that the livestream will reveal some details about the chapter 3 and how new and old companions will work in new expansion. Read on to see what questions you could expect.

SWTOR Pax Prime make-up livestream will go on August 26

SWTOR Pax Prime make-up livestream will begin at 5PM PDT on August 26 to show gameplay from parts of Chapter 3, at the same time, the way that how Companions work in KotFE will be also announced. Following are some question that posted on forums by Excise, who believe these should be expected in livestream:

1. Are all old companions returning in some fashion?

2. Are all old companions returning as potential companions?

3. Are all old companions staying with the same faction?

4. Are any old companions having their VA's recast?

5. Are all old companion romances available to continue?

6. Are any old companions available to be romanced that couldn't before?

7. Are the old & new companions available to be recruited class-dependent?

8. What happens to Treek & HK-51?

9. Will companions have their combat roles expanded?

10. Will companions gain new conversation quests?

11. Will companions gain new more-than-conversation quests?

As an answer, Eric expressed some of above will be mentioned in livestream, while a few other details that don't have listed here will also be expected. Besides, to clarify, Bioware told that crafting won’t be talked in the livestream, but players can still get them in the next few weeks. So just stay tuned and grab some free credits by joining in Swtor2credit 50,000k swtor credits giveaway on August 27.

Probable reasons that why chapter 3 is chosen to be shown

Why Bioware chooses the chapter 3 but not others? There are some discussions among the community. Some players think that the toon is sleeping through chapter 1 and 2 in carbonite, so that chapter 3 will be the starting point. However, it comes out a problem that who will be playing for if it sleeps in the beginning two chapters?

Considering this reason, the follow one seems to be more plausible: Between 2 and 3, players will sleep 5 years. So, at first hand, players will try to deal with Zakuul Invasion, fight them and then get captured. Then they meet with Zakkul people and then with Valkorion himself, something happens after all talks and here the chapter 3 comes to the point. It is kinda reasonable since the chapter 1 will be tutorial for new players, plus in chapter 2, players are possibly escaping from carbonite sleep, so that the chapter 3 will be the introduction of key antagonist(s) and conflict.

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