David Trubridge

The depths of the ocean inspire new lights exhibited by David Trubridge at Euroluce, Milan Design Week.

Press release   •   Apr 01, 2019 09:22 GMT

 e: The depths of the ocean inspire new lights exhibited by David Trubridge at Euroluce, Milan Design Week.

David Trubridge is known for his lighting designs inspired by nature. Based in New Zealand, the company’s range is fresh, clean, refined and light.

The show’s title, ‘Immersion’ has the intended double meaning of being underneath the water’s surface or below the surface of our thoughts. This deeper layer of consciousness and awareness is where creative people find their ideas. The immersive world of the ocean has led to a new focus on Diatoms and plankton which are now attributed to producing the oxygen for every second breath we take.

The stunning forms of Diatoms have led to the design of the Navicula light and the new Maru light. Maru is a recent release being launched to market on the 1st March 2019. The effect of shadow play on surrounding walls and ceiling is Maru’s hidden quality. Navicula was launched in 2017 and has had global success, winning a collection of awards. Both of these lights are helping the actual environment too, with $50 from each sale going to the Ocean Recovery Alliance.

The big launch for the show this year is the Baskets of Light family. These three designs were introduced to replace the 2009 family of three large hanging lights called The Baskets of Knowledge, which were based on a Māori creation myth. The BOK were largely built from plastic and were pulled from our range this year because of the company’s pledge to eliminate the use of plastic wherever possible. The BOL are built from Finnish birch plywood which is so thin that it lets the light through. This is a sustainably managed resource which is converted to ply with minimal waste. The designs use a tiny amount of wood for maximum effect. They are shipped as kitset, rolled up into a tube and assembled by the buyer with little nylon push-in clips. There are three different designs in the lower part which throw distinctive shadow patterns on the ground and walls. The luminaire is a simple E26/27 bulb holder.

Sunflower is a wall light shade that can be mounted over an existing wall sconce. It is a sculptural geometric form based on David’s inspection and love of the patterns found in nature. This is our first kitset wall shade.

The stand will be an immersive experience and will reflect these themes; the deep blue walls and tilting floor will alter the viewer’s perspective. Products will be mounted on these tilting planes of blue as if they are ideas from the deep coming up to the mind’s awareness.

Amongst these brand new products are some new applications of the company’s existing designs; its iconic Coral, Floral and Kōura lights now also include table lamp options. A recent collaboration with Japanese company Conde House is also on display. The Kina Ottoman is an intricate and cleverly crafted furniture piece taking its form from the Kina light.

Please join the company for what will be its 16th show in Milan.

Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zzojg2ctkv69jsb/AADo9nlm1mhcbpvme-xbhyvXa?dl=0

David Trubridge and his company are active leaders in the design scene, exhibiting regularly in United States, Europe and Asia. Since its founding in 1995, his company David Trubridge Limited, has grown from David Trubridge himself and one assistant to a team of 23. His work is manufactured onsite at the company’s studio in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand and is sold around the world into a myriad of residential, hospitality, commercial and gallery locations.