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Press release   •   Feb 27, 2019 02:33 GMT

With the release of Third RS Elite Dungeon The Shadow Reef on Feb. 25, the time has come to take the plunge and tackle the watery challenge of The Shadow Reef. And you can buy rs gold cheap from our site and expect it then. Players must descend ever deeper into this multi-levelled underwater abyss and prevent a ritual designed to summon an ancient evil to Gielinor. This story driven adventure takes you to the realm of the dreaded Ambassador, although he is just one of three bosses and loads of minibosses – many of whom are voiced – that players will have to face if they are to emerge triumphant.

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Successful adventurers can lay claim to a new rare tier 92 two-handed crossbow. As a rare drop from the Shadow Reef, the new T92 bow consists of three pieces, including the stock, the limbs and the mechanism. All of them can be obtained as drops from Kranon the Ambassador, the main boss, as well as the final boss of the third elite dungeon, the Shadow Reef.

Also up for grabs are black stone arrows. These are also tier 92 and have a special effect of reducing a target’s defence. They are created via fletching after unlocking the recipe from the reward shop using the arrowtips dropped from the dungeon. Elder logs can now be fletched into elder arrow shafts, which are a new ingredient for these arrows.

On top of this there are three new sigil blueprints – Dragon, Demon and Undead. They can be bought from Bryll. They each require 50 black stone hearts, 1 cut onyx and 30 resilient, silent and oceanic components respectively to craft.We're currently exploring ideas for how the Prifddinas of 2009 could look. Our focus is to make this area of the map exude the established elven lore of Old School by introducing organic wood and magical crystal structures which the elves have sung into existence. With Prifddinas’ palette of earthy browns, lush greens and ethereal blues in combination with elegant, interwoven organic structures, the elven capital will be one of our most ambitious environments to date!

As mentioned above, Prifddinas will feature some brand-new, unique pieces of content. The first of these is the Gauntlet. Created by the elves as a training ground to ensure they were capable of defending the city during the God Wars, the Gauntlet is a new solo PvM minigame that will push your skills to their limits.

When entering the Gauntlet, you will not be allowed to bring any of your own items. Instead, you will be given a limited amount of time to explore the area in search of resources. The area will contain crystals, roots, herbs and fish that you can obtain through Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing and other gathering methods, to make weapons, armour, potions and food. These various resources will not require a specific skill level to gather. However, high skill levels will grant more resources at a faster rate. The dungeon will also contain various Crystalline monsters which can be killed for further supplies. Higher level monsters will offer better drops at the cost of taking more time to defeat.

To get started on The Shadow Reef, head to the boat east of Daemonheim. Note that you no longer need to have completed any of the Elite Dungeons to access the others. There are no level requirements, although be warned that the combat is aimed at higher levels – this is definitely the toughest of the three Elite Dungeons. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us. Hope you can enjoy the game with our cheap RS gold.

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