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Press Release   •   Jun 09, 2017 02:30 GMT

It is said that there would be a small holiday event coming to OSRS to celebrate Pride 2017. Many players have different opinions. The majority of person are against adding the event.They are afraid that it is a political agenda. Some players say they just come to relax and have fun, so they don't agree to put 2007 runescape gold real world political topics or social issues in game.The RS team has been making an active response to them. The staff said the Pride event aims to bring communities together and celebrate love and understanding. So it has nothing to do with political statement.

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Woox is the absolute legend when it comes to PvM and to no surprise, he was the first person to get an Infernal cape in OSRS!
Here is the clip of him getting the cape.

We also have a Runescape legend's blog post that mentions the man himself, Woox. He goes to prove, once again, his superior understanding of the game and his complete dedication to runescape as he spent the last two days trying to get the cape. Congratulations to Woox once more and good luck to everyone else who is going to try and complete the Inferno!

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Strength is one of the most popular skills among players.It is a melee combat skill which increases a player's the amount of damage, and it can inflict in melee combat by two and a half points per level. Players may receive Strength experience during the combat. Improve your equipment as you go. If you use a lot of food or consumable items, you probably need better equipment. You may need to take a break from leveling to craft or buy runescape gold to increase weapons and armors.If you’re still having trouble, you can look up the monster’s weakness online or communicate with other players. Take a slashing, crushing and stabbing weapon with you, and switch between them during the combat.

After achieving Defense level 99, players can buy the defense cape from Harlan who in the building north of the Lumbridge general store. The defense cape is light blue in color, and it has a cream trim for players who have more than level 99 skills.All in all, we hope this guide is helpful for you. More guides you can visit our site. If you are tired of killing monster or leveling up, you can buy osrs gold or rs3 gold from a reliable site with best service.

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