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Press Release   •   Jan 17, 2017 03:01 GMT

Pirates and Fremennik ahoy! We've got a thoroughly seaworthy event and the return of Hati, Sköll and Fenrir for cheap runescape gold your RuneScaping delectation this week.In other news, there's an awesome competition kicking off, seeking the perfect name for a new primate pal.

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Captain Deathbeard's all washed up on the shore south of Lumbridge Swamp. He's clawed his way out of Davey Jones's Locker and is determined to scrape together enough cash to rebuild his beloved ship.Until 30th January, you can help him out by collecting up to 1000 phantom doubloons per day though skilling, killing, Daily Challenges and Treasure Trails. You'll get a better drop rate (+20%) if you're training Agility or Thieving.

As with the Fallen Nihil event, you can up the daily cap or buy more with RuneCoins at the booster shop, accessible via the Seasonal Event tab on the Social interface.Hand them in to Deathbeard each day and unlock Deathbeard's swashbuckling pirate outfit – plus a phantom variant – and a cannon pet.Deathbeard'll stick around for a further 14 days after the event before he heads back to terrorise the Seven Seas, allowing you to unlock rewards or hand in any excess phantom doubloons for mystery boxes.

Ironmen will be able to participate in the event and unlock the outfit and pet, but won't be able to open mystery boxes, or convert excess doubloons into mystery boxes post-event.

Hati, Sköll & Fenrir Return

The legendary winter wolves are back once again, and there's XP aplenty for RuneScape members who help drive them off.If you've never fought the wolves before, speak to Vali or Vithar near Rellekka in the Fremennik Province for the full story.Each wolf is a tough opponent, but you can team up with surrounding players to take them down. Everyone who contributes has a chance to receive their own reward.

Hati is found in the woods south-east of Relleka, and can drop Hati paws – cosmetic gloves that yield Bonus and regular XP in your choice of combat skill when clicked. He can also drop a cosmetic cloak and hood, if you're yet to earn those.Sköll must be summoned by adding logs to the bonfire, west of the Rellekka entrance. Once 120 logs are added to the fire (including all players on your current world) Sköll with emerge. Take him down to earn normal and Bonus XP in Agility and Woodcutting, plus a cosmetic amulet.Fenrir lurks south east of Rellekka near the Golden Tree. Victory awards Fenrir's Fang which, when used, grants XP and Bonus XP in either Herblore or Summoning. You can also earn cosmetic chest and leg gear.

Eir's Gear

Valkyrie Eir is not only convinced that the world is going to end, but has also misplaced her helmet and spear.Defeat Hati or Sköll - or harvest enriched wisps at the colony south-east of Rellekka - for a chance to get one of these items. Repeating these actions will get you duplicates, so to collect the set you'll need Get two of one type of item (helmet or spear)

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