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Press Release   •   Feb 05, 2017 02:35 GMT

It's bifold XP time, with even added XP up for grabs than normal. There's a abstruse new quest, too, and a agglomeration of runescape gold for sale new allowances for inventors and owners of skillcapes alike!

Double XP Weekend

The big account this ages is the Bifold XP Weekend, which starts at midday on the 17th of February. The accustomed bifold XP carelessness runs until midday on Monday the 20th, but were aswell abacus some added bonuses until the 27th of February, abnormally for those of you who accept added affairs that weekend. Every amateur will get an added XP acknowledgment during that afterward anniversary - up to 1 actor XP’s worth. This will be a abundant time to alternation those slower abilities which tend to get larboard out over the active weekend. Look out for a account column with added information, and watch out for the 'Time To Train' accident to advice you get all the abstracts you allegation for those adored gains.

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Game Jam

During the Bifold XP Weekend, we will be active a RuneScape Bold Jam in the appointment and you peeps can get complex as well. We will be alive on small, allusive projects with the aim to absolution a agglomeration of them over the afterward weeks. A lot of of the account will appear suggestions on Reddit and the forums, and over the Saturday and Sunday there will be several reside streams area we will amend you on our advance and accept to your feedback. We will aswell accept channels set up to babble to Jmods while we aren’t streaming. So why not tune in and get complex while cutting out those levels?


We consistently acquisition time for JMods to analyze their claimed adroitness and to plan on updates they absolutely wish to acquaintance as players. This ages were absolution one such project, a abstruse 5th age adventure that’s allotment of a plotline we haven’t explored for abounding years. It's a activity that Mods Nexus and Helen were so amorous about, and if they told us about their abstraction we just had to accord them the abutment to get it launched! However, continuing the clandestineness affair we talked about beforehand in the year, I won’t accord you added advice than that - I admiration if you can plan it out yourselves. Let me apperceive on Twitter what you anticipate it is.

Veteran Cape

Soon, Hans will assuredly be able to duke out his new adept cape to our a lot of loyal, abiding players with 15-year old accounts. It comes with a appropriate emote, of course, and we’ve added a new emote to the 10-year cape too to celebrate! It consistently amazes us how committed those continued appellation players are, so now’s your adventitious to appearance off your awesomeness.

Invention Tools

Also this month, Firemaking and Smithing will be added to the set of abilities accurate by apparatus tools. Look out for new aggrandized hammers and tinderboxes, including the clear ones, and 5 new apparatus perks, like the Prosper advantage which allows you to accretion clue scrolls while skilling, and the Pyromaniac perk.

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