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Press release   •   Nov 09, 2018 02:23 GMT

In the coming weeks, you will be able to enjoy a lot of OSRS Bounty Hunter and PvP changes, which aim to benefit those who engage with the content the most. Now let’s learn details before their release with Up to 60% off rs 2007 gold .This blog has had a heavy focus on balancing changes that we do not intend to poll, but we also have some questions we'd like to put forward to you, the community, to vote upon. The first question we'd like to offer you is regarding the Rune pouch. The Rune pouch is a strong piece of equipment used in both PvP and PvM. Players have often asked why though, given its uses, has it been exclusive to the Bounty Hunter store?

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What changes will be made to Bounty Hunter?

There will be a slight change to Bounty Hunter overlay, which allows to move the position of the overlay on desktop. Besides, it can be hidden on desktop and mobile. On the other hand, to improve the experience of those who want to get stuck into the action of Bounty Hunter, you are allowed to skip your target freely if you are not risking a Mysterious emblem or said target doesn’t have a PvP Skull, while those cannot be skipped when you are in combat with said target. Meanwhile, you must have a Mysterious emblem in your inventory to allow you to receive one as a drop after killing your target.

What other PvP changes will be coming?Here we will list some main PvP changes coming in the near future.

Mysterious emblems: No matter whether you are in combat or not, you need to wait for 6 seconds if you want to destroy a Mysterious emblem.
Clan Wars portal: After losing your skull via the Clan Wars portal, you will always get a new one when attacking another player next.
Anglerfish: The overheal effect of Anglerfish will only work when used outside of combat when in the Wilderness or on a PvP/Bounty Hunter world.

Locking it behind PvP content has resulted in players feeling forced to participate in Bounty Hunter who would prefer not to, and instead of getting their Mysterious emblems via killing Bounty Hunter targets or Wilderness Slayer, have instead opted to "trade for kills" with other players. We'd like to offer to potential for players to be able to obtain the Rune pouch outside of the Bounty Hunter store, in the hopes that by having only those interested in Bounty Hunter feel drawn to the area, improving the overall quality of the minigame for those who play it as intended.

We feel that in addition to the Bounty Hunter store, adding the Rune pouch to the Slayer Rewards shop would be a suitable alternative. The cost to purchase the Rune pouch from here would be 1250 Slayer points.PvP World protection: if engaging in combat with another player in a PvP world, you can be attacked back by that player for 6 seconds after entering the safe zone. Above all, we hope you can have a better PvP experience with these new changes and cheap OSRS gold from RSorder.

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