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Press release   •   Feb 16, 2019 03:00 GMT

Have you ever been worried by the growing stacks of useless OSRS Boss Heads in your bank? Now they will no longer be a useless headache. You can now utilize Vorkath head drop upon Raging cape for Assembler Effect, or use head drops on Dark Alter to gain Prayer XP. Learn the following details with Up to 9% off runescape gold 2007 to make a good use of these trophies.

Are you Ready to Learn New Uses of Boss Heads on Ranging Cape?Well,You Can enjoy Up to $18 off for RS3 gold, OSRS gold and more Buying on RSorder During Feb.20-Feb.25.

Use Vorkath’s head drop on Ranging Cape

If you have killed the boss Vorkath for enough times and made Vorkath head drop one of a collections in your bank, you can now infuse its power into your Ranging cape to make the cape enjoy the same ammo collection rates that Ava’s assembler has, instead of its former ammo-saving effects equivalent to Ava's accumalator. When you use the this boss head on Raging cape, please use it directly on the cape, because a pre-made Ava’s assembler will not work on the Raging cape.

Use boss heads on Dark Alter

In addition to the use on Ranging cape, the head of Vorkath can also be used on Dark Alter to gain 1,000 Prayer XP. In addition, each excessive boss head that is used on the Dark Alter can grant 2,500 Prayer XP at a flat rate. What’s more, such use of Dark Alter does not require favour from Arceuus or others. For your convenience, you can also use the heads in bulk.

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Check through your bank and get your Boss Head drops like Vorkath’s head on Dark Alter and Ranging cape OSRS. You are gonna gain great benefits from them now. Buy OSRS gold from us and let’s try the Assembler Effect in the cape.

Are you Ready to Learn New Uses of Boss Heads on Ranging Cape?Well,You Can enjoy Up to $18 off for RS3 gold, OSRS gold and more Buying on RSorder During Feb.20-Feb.25. Know More!

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