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Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2017 02:57 GMT

Over the accessible week, there’s no agnosticism that anybody will be active gearing up for cheap rs 3 gold and Double XP weekend.Here at Jagex Support, your accounts are just as important to us as they are to you, so we will be spending the next anniversary on a targeted attack apropos Annual Phishing and means to abstain accepting your claimed admonition stolen. That’s aggregate simple in-game scams, to busy hoax emails advised to casualty on your own fears about annual safety.

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Here's what you can apprehend now until Tuesday 23:59:59 UTC 21st February 2017:Phishing Acquaintance Antagonism hosted on the Events & Competitions Forum, with 3 players called at accidental to anniversary win 3 months of associates & a RuneScape or Old School Bond!

Spotlight on our afresh adapted Phishing Support Article,Informative tweets throughout the anniversary accouterment admonition on how to abstain getting phished,Twitter acclamation to barometer association acquaintance about phishing & admonition aegis

You can all do your bit to admonition – get complex in the antagonism and polls, apprehend up on our latest admonition and be abiding to admonition us advance the chat via Social Media.Even if you alone admonition one added amateur abstain getting phished in the future, it would be time able-bodied spent and you would be allowance us brand this out this blackmail our community.

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