Tissot Couturier Quartz GMT T035.439.16.051.00 Men’s Watch

Press release   •   Apr 11, 2019 09:39 GMT

Tissot Couturier Quartz GMT T035.439.16.051.00 Mens WatchThis Sunday during our wedding anniversary dinner, I presented my wife with a piece of jewellery and in turn, she presented me with the Tissot Couturier Quartz GMT T035.439.16.051.00 Men’s Watch. Surprised, I asked her how she knew that I admired this watch; and she replied, “I saw you admiring it in the inflight magazine of Cathay Pacific last month.”

My lovely wife is not just a cutie, she’s observant and intelligent too; which also means that she too liked the watch because if she didn’t, she would not have bought it. Okay, enough personal stuff now, let me describe the watch.

At 40 mm (4 cm) across, the Swiss made Tissot Couturier Quartz GMT T035.439.16.051.00 Men’s watch, takes the middle path in terms of the size of the case. I have an oversized watch which I seldom wear because it tends to get stuck each time I put on my shirt. Also, if I have to view the time, I need to open the shirt cuff so instead, I used to ask any nearby college for the time – which you can imagine, was quite ridiculous. Back to Tissot Couturier, the 40 mm size is just the perfect size with no strain on the eyes to see the time.

The watch is about a cm thick and again, this is just the right thickness to be able to comfortably press the flat buttons that control the functionality of the watch. Also, I love the fact that the buttons are flat and easy to press. I personally felt that this attention to user interface is just as important as how the watch looks and its internal mechanism.

The flat buttons mentioned above, control the three sub-dials. These sub-dials include the chronograph and GMT – a second time zone both of which, I personally find quite useful. The manual that accompanied the watch says that the mechanism is ‘Quartz’ and powered by a battery. There were all kinds of other techy details which I didn’t understand so I won’t bore you with that.

I’m sure the Tissot Couturier Quartz GMT T035.439.16.051.00 Men’s watch has several options in terms of dial colour. Mine was a black dial with raised silver hour markers. The hands are elegantly broad with sufficient luminescence to guess the time in the dark.

Tissot completes the elegant package with a nice soft leather strap; the inner side of which, seems to have cow hide leather (or maybe faux cow hide). The butterfly type buckle completes the strap that holds the watch securely in place.

I recollect, the inflight magazine had mentioned the price as being a little over US $1,000 but the invoice that was inside the box indicated that my wife had purchased the watch for just a little over US $500 from the online retail site

I checked out the site and they seem to be offering Tissot Watches at factory prices. A doubt cropped up and for my peace of mind, I took the watch to the local watch store and they confirmed it to be the real deal. I did say my wife was intelligent didn’t I? Awesome watch at an awesome price – what more does a man want? is New Zealand’s premier online store for Wrist Watches. We source our watches in bulk from suppliers around the world, and that allows us to get great deals and keep the prices low. We offer FREE DHL Express Shipping on all domestic orders! Depending on your location, you can expect your order to reach you anywhere between 2-4 days. For other countries our shipping rates are very reasonable and you can choose the shipping method while checking out.