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RS is updating new quests and games almost everyday. You will never get bored. We will do everything to make you relieved to buy from us. Are you looking forward to it? Do not waist your time and begin your RuneScape adventure now.Giant mole is a boss for low-mid level players around 110 combat level in RuneScape and can be found in Falador Mole Lair below Falador Park. Giant Mole is a popular monster for players because it is one of the lowest levelled bosses to drop elite clue scrolls.

The giant mole performs different abilities according to the cavern she is located. The caverns include main cavern, northwest cavern, northeast cavern, southwest cavern and southeast cavern. In the main cavern, Giant mole spawns and respawns here and it will dig away to the other caverns when reaching 70,000 life points. In the Northwest cavern, the Mole summons little moles with 100 life points.

In the Northeast cavern, the mole can hit 1800 with her melee attack, or 2000 if her mole minions are present. In the Southwest cavern, the Giant mole will dive into the ground, creating 3x3 squares of unstable dirt underneath players. In the Southeast cavern, when the mole attacks the trapped player, the player will be freed, but will take a lot of damage. For more information, stay tuned on where sell cheap RuneScape Gold.

We know that many of you are looking at our Old School Runescape and Runescape sections. But, today we are talking about taking Runescape on the go with you as it has been confirmed that Runescape is going mobile!We have talked a little about Runescape coming to mobile devices and today we are breaking down the facts. The things that we actually know about Runescape Mobile!Jagex is taking people on to be part of the beta right now! So head over to the official site and try your luck. The site has been super busy since this was announced with many people saying it keeps crashing, but best of luck getting in on the beta!Old School Runescape is going to be released first in late 2017 and it offers full cross platform support. So in other words, you can start your game at home then continue it on the road on your phone.

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