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Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2017 02:45 GMT

Kind of makes me sad to see what's come of this game. Not to say that it's bad, as no game is bad if people are willing to play it and use osrs gold , it's just not for me anymore. Old School RuneScape was the saving grace for me, then all the player voted content ruined that real quick for me too, think I quit like 2 months or so after that came out, and I haven't played since. What really killed it for me though, was getting hacked years ago. Spent over a year making a very special account, all level 0 combat stats except defense at 60 for Bandos (think it requires 65 now?), 99 Mining untrimmed, ended up at level 19 combat. Got hacked and they failed the account, leveled Attack, Magic, think it was Prayer as well. Put in tons of support tickets, I didn't even care about the like 300m GP I lost, I just wanted a few stats set back to zero, and they just wouldn't.. I get that they don't do it for people who mess up, or people who get like 99 Attack and want it reset, but we are talking like 20 levels in total, from the account getting hacked, and I get no support.

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I have ideas that could be good as updates in Old School RuneScape

To me personally, all this shows is that you pretend to care about the community, you pretend to give the community choice, so they feel like they drive the game and can't be upset with you. But when it comes down to it, when a member of this community really needs your help, you're no where to be found. Again, all opinion based here, I understand a lot of people still enjoy this game, but I'll never forgive Jagex for not helping me salvage a year of my life, countless hours into this game and something they can fix in minutes but refuse to. When you get hacked in WoW, doesn't matter what happens in the span of you being hacked, literally every single thing is reverted, faction changes, runescape gold, bank, even guild bank if the hacker caused damage there. In this game they just tell you to have better security and send you on your way. Especially seeing as this game has 100x the time-sink.

I know probably no one will read this but here we go.

I think there should be a Hardcore Dungeoneering Mode that forces you to use all of the Content Dungeoneering has to offer a bit like how the new raids in Old School RuneScape work. It would give new rewards and new (possible) loot. It would make the dungeoneering much more fun and enjoyable.

Another thing i've been thinking is why in the hell is there Fletching and crafting when there is not "armour making" and "weapon making" basically you have to lvl up twice as much to make range or magic gear than how much you need to lvl up to make melee gear. I always found that weird,Anyways those are my ideas they might be bad or good depending in each case but at least consider them. Sorry if I offended anyone.

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