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Press release   •   Feb 13, 2019 02:29 GMT

Last week the OSRS team published a blog about improving the Chambers of Xeric. Mostly players seemed happy with the balancing changes, especially the removal of scavenger runts. However, the proposed change to energy pools, whereby they’d cure poison as well as replenishing energy, wasn’t so well received. As it’s more contentious, and not required for the balancing of the Chambers, we’re happy to leave it out for now. Here are the more information and don't forget buy rs 2007 gold cheap from us.

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The Ice Demon
Adding wood to a lit brazier is now just as effective as adding wood to an unlit brazier and burning it all at once


1. Tekton’s defence has been reduced by 25% to make it less dependant on defence-reducing attacks
2. Tekton has been made less sensitive to return to the anvil abruptly without trying to hit anyone


1. Vespula will no longer interact with her grubs until the party has entered the room
2. The portal’s health regeneration has been lowered to 1/3rd of its current rate
3. Each point of HP damage dealt now gives an additional 2 points

Creature Keeper Room

1. This room now gives 5x points as you deposit grubs
2. We have removed the Thieving level restriction to the room so everyone in the party can contribute
3. The creature will now eat faster than before
4. The minimum time before the creature gets hungrier has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds

Other Changes

1. The seeds given when raking weeds will now rotate between the different seeds available
2. We've increased the amount of herbs available in higher-numbered raid teams
3. Dungeon layouts that don’t give scavenger corridors before you get to rooms requiring the items they drop have been removed
4. Small scavengers will no longer spawn in the Chambers of Xeric. Only the larger Scavengers will now appear
5. Left clicking on a stackable item while storing items in a Private storage chest in the Chambers of Xeric no longer stores all the items in the stack

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