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Press release   •   Nov 20, 2018 02:54 GMT

RSorder noticed that The Old School All Stars PvP Championship is coming, are you curious who the participants will be? Today we will share what we have known and Up to 9% off osrs gold to all of you.They really think RS3 is the driving force behind Jagex's RS gold profits at this point.Also, ignoring EoC feedback didn't historically help either, who else remembers when the playercount sunk to around 15k While things are different on OSRS.

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Old School RuneScape is one of the leading names in the world of MMORPG esports. It pioneered the format with its Deadman series -a brutal last man standing event fought between thousands of players. The new inaugural All Stars tournament is a different type of spectacle, with 16 high-profile streamers invited to compete for the chance to claim a $30,000 prize.

Specific time & participants for All Stars PvP event
The OSRS All Stars PvP championship is lasting from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM GMT on November 24, 2018. And this 16 player, invite only bracket taking place at ESL UK .Matches are a Best-of-3 format and are designed to test players on different PvP specialties – 1 Defence, 45 Defence and 70 Defence.

The players will fight in a round robin format in groups of 4 before progressing to the knockout rounds.The members of 4 groups include Skillspecs, Alfie, Purespam, Abyss; Mr Mammal, Mika, Mmorpg, Purpp; Torvesta, Ditterbitter, Faux, Sick Nerd; Framed, Manked, B0aty, Skiddler.

Rest assured, there will be upsets. There will be drama. There will be rivalry.But most of all, egos will be shattered.Right now you need to save the time and set a reminder on the twitch if you want to watch it then. Don't miss it!Seriously the lacking and half-baked content being introduced, and the countless failed promises and unrealistic goals (Bank Rework . Despite all of this, there are still people on main game that have their heads planted so far up their rears.

Holy crap main game is a sad garbage fire. I really wish it wasn't so, but the game is so MTX-ridden and top heavy in bad executive decisions that it has clearly permeated the game's culture, (like anime wings and cosmetics out the ass.Been playing RS for RuneScape gold years on and off and with the recent release of mobile I’m going to get back into it after a three year hiatus. This is also my first go at old school runescape. Been playing all day First off.

4 Public Tournament Worlds

There have been 4 public Tournament worlds added in-game to celebrate this upcoming All Stars event, while 4 other ones are reserved for the participants to practice in privately.Actually, some players wonder why all new PvP content gears towards streamers. Anyway, this should be a brilliant PvP championship, and let’s enjoy it soon. If you want to purchase cheap OSRS gold, RSorder is your best choice.

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