Use OSSR Larran’s Key to Open Larran’s Chest in Wilderness

Press release   •   Jun 25, 2019 06:13 GMT

This week sees the release of OSRS Larran’s Key, a new key dropped from Slayer tasks given runescape gold by Krystilia. After obtaining Larran’s Keys, you can use them to open OSRS Larran’s chests for some rewards.

How to obtain the Larran’s Key OSRS?

Larran’s key OSRS is a key dropped from killing monsters while on a slayer assignment given by Krystilia. These Larran’s Keys can be taken to either one of Larran’s chests, which can be found in the Wilderness.
Like Brimstone keys, the chance of getting a Larran’s Key depends on the level of the monster that’s dropping it, meaning that the higher-level monsters being more likely to drop one. These stackable keys are untradeable, but can nevertheless be dropped to a PKer on death provided they’re not among the protected items. If the PKer is an Ironman, they cannot receive the key from other players in this way, so the key is destroyed completely.

Open Larran’s chest with Larran’s Key OSRS

OSSR Larran’s chests contain drop tables with the same items as the Brimstone chest but do not include the unique items. There are Larran’s small chest and Larran’s big chest:
Larran’s small chest can be found in level 18 Wilderness, just north east of the Chaos Temple. This chest has drops slightly worse off in numbers than the Brimstone chest.
Larran’s big chest can be found on the middle floor of the pirate’s ship to the west of the Pirates hideout in level 55 Wilderness. These chests contain drops that are greater in number to the Brimstone chest.

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