Watch OSRS Deadman Summer Finals 2019 Live on June 29th

Press release   •   Jun 25, 2019 06:17 GMT

OSRS Deadman Summer Finals 2019 see the top players competing runescape gold for the prize money. The Permadeath stage will start next Saturday, and you could watch the live on that day on the official Twitch channel.

OSRS Deadman Summer Finals ends June 29

OSRS DMM Summer Season Finals began on Saturday 22nd June and will conclude with the Permadeath stage starting at 8pm BST on Saturday 29th June. Top players from the Summer Season are invited to compete for $32,000 in prize money. As with the previous Spring Finals, the 1v1 section of the Finals will include the last 256 surviving players of the Permadeath stage, rather than 128.
OSRS Deadman Summer Finals 2019 will be held live at Jagex HQ on Saturday 29th June, and this will not be a ticketed event and will not be open to the public. You could watch the action of the Summer Finals Permadeath stage from the official OldSchoolRS Twitch channel. When getting to the Twitch directory, you will find lots of dedicated Old School streamers broadcasting the slaughter of their enemies.

Enjoy the last OSRS Deadman Mode event

According to the Old School official Tweet, OSRS Deadman Summer 2019 “will be the last Deadman event of its kind, with a hiatus following whilst we refine what Deadman should be”. You could keep following @OSRSPvP for updates on both the Last Man Standing and Bounty Hunter reworks, as well as a focus on community-driven PvP.

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