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Attack: Gives a chance for degradable items not to degrade.
Strength: Dismember lasts an additional 2 seconds.
Defence: Acts as a sign of life. Same cooldown.
Ranged: Acts as Ava's devices.
Prayer: Imparts the same benefits as lit burners in a player-owned house.
Magic: Activate to swap spellbooks at banks.
Runecrafting: Activate to reveal the required rune for the Rune Goldberg Machine.
Construction: Reduces the cost of creating planks.
Constitution: Doubles life points regained over time.
Agility: Gives a chance of double tickets from the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Stacks with the Karamja task set reward.
Herblore: Activate to clean all herbs in your inventory for no XP.
Thieving: Lowers your stunned time when caught from 4.2 seconds to 3.
Crafting: Thread is no longer needed when crafting.
Fletching: Gives a chance of automatically stringing a bow when fletching unstrung bows.
Slayer: Activate to teleport to any Slayer master in the game that you can access.
Hunter: Activate to give your Herblore Habitat vine plant the effects of its hunter potion.
Mining: Gives an invisible +2 skill bonus.
Smithing: Gives the same effect as the goldsmithing gauntlets.
Fishing: Gives a chance to get a double catch.
Cooking: Prevents food from being burned.
Firemaking: Activate to light a fire on the spot you're standing on.
Invention: Slows the drain of invention charge.
Summoning: Gives a chance to save charms when infusing pouches.
Dungeoneering: Teleport to any available resource dungeon.
Farming: Gives a chance of instantly harvesting a patch.
Divination: Gives a chance of saving divination materials.
Woodcutting: Provides an increased chance at finding bird's nests and crystal geodes.
Quest Points: Adds 30 seconds onto your Tears of Guthix time.

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