World of Warcraft Classic Will Be Back In August, 2019, Can We Go Back?

Press release   •   Jul 02, 2019 06:16 GMT

The success of World of Warcraft is not only the personal efforts of blizzard, but also the cause of the times. WOW creatively mixes elements such as the open world, opposition camps, epic raids and task systems to create a truly magical world. Countless players fight in this huge world wow classic gold with the eyes of the fish flashing blind light bulbs. There was no other reason, just because it was really the most fun game of the time.

But times have changed, players now have more choices, and the meaning of playing WOW has changed.

Before the Burning Crusade, I poured out all my wow gold and bought the last piece of Netherwind set with 600G, which was equivalent to two game cards at that time. The dress depreciated rapidly with the opening of the new version before it was too late to feel the special effect of the full set.

Blizzard officials explained that T1 players can look for new equipment at level 62, T2 sets can be used before level 65, and T3 sets can be used before level 67. This is jokingly referred to by players as the official version of 'T3 useful Theory'. Is the last version of the equipment still useful after the new version is started? Both the official and the players know that it is USELESS.

Later, the graduation equipments of the last version depreciated faster and faster. In the Catacylsm , there was even an amazing gap between the higher level green axe DPS and the previous version of the graduation orange axe. It took countless time to accumulate copies of the wasteland team, and soon it was worthless with the arrival of the new version. The painstaking efforts of the past have been wiped out in an instant.

World of Warcraft reached its peak in the third large version of the Wrath of the Lich King, which is not only the last song of Warcraft, but also the final struggle of the game. Since then, WOW has changed more and more as fast food and the number of players is getting smaller and smaller.

Is the new version not friendly enough for new players? Absolutely, it isn’t. The game is getting easier and easier to play for all players. The possible reason, then, is that the new players that can be attracted by wow have reached the limit, but the old players are constantly losing.

Recognizing this problem, and seeing the development of World of Warcraft private servers, Blizzard finally realized the importance of the period of level 60. Then here comes the World of Warcraft Classic.

World of Warcraft has changed, so have we.
World of Warcraft is back, can we go back?

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