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If this is your desire then you have come to the right place! We at offer you the best advice and the latest news about the world and tattoos. Name the celebrity and we have the information on which tattoo they have. Whatever your queries about tattoos, tattooing, tattoo books, tattoo videos; you can find them all under the same umbrella.

As it is the well-known fact that this body art has various methods, permanent and temporary tattoos. Though many people love to have their bodies permanently tattooed due to various reasons they are unable to fulfill their desire. Yet, they feel excited to settle for temporary ones at least. These do not involve needles and tattoo guns and hence not as painful as the regular tattoos.

The most useful and well known temporary tattoo is henna. This is got from a leaf of a plant very common in India. Tattooing using henna does not require needles or piercing of the skin. It is applied on the surface of the skin and kept for a few hours before washing it off. The skin turns orange to red leaving a beautifully tattooed design. This would last for a week or two and fade off gradually.

You can find all the information about tattoo books, tattoo videos and the best tattoo tips on inks, designs and the type of tattoo needles and tattoo gun that should be used for safe tattooing. All these and more is waiting for you under our umbrella at Visiting this informative site will give you a better insight about this exclusive body art that is attracting more and more youth to experiment their talents.

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Learn how to do Chinese tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Indian tattoos and much more. Surprise your friends out there with your full sleeve tattoos, or the regular foot and arms tattoos that most people prefer. No doubt celebrities love to tattoo the entire body parts or those vital parts that are exposed most of the time. Get ideas on how to choose needles and how to use them safely. Learn how to tattoo the safe way with us We will guide you from step one till the end giving you all the information about tattoos and their importance.

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Website Description: Informational website on how to tattoo and the art oftattooing. This includes information on tattoo books, tattoo videos, tattoo tips, and much more!

If this is your desire then you have come to the right place! We at offer you the best advice and the latest news about the world and tattoos.