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Louella Fernandes portrait LinkedIn - 27.02.2020

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Louella Fernandes portrait LinkedIn - 27.02.2020

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With our unique and patented One Driver solution, we provide secure, efficient and simple print management for enterprise customers all over the world. Our software is based on cloud technology, easy and simple to deploy and manage.  

Our solution provides our customers the complete freedom of using Windows, Linux, IBM Power or IBM System Z platforms and allow you to take control over print costs, create time saving workflows and ensuring highest level of security.

One Q have been awarded by Duke, as well as identified as “cool” by Gartner for our print management solution.

We sell and offer services to our customers worldwide through a network of skilled and certified partners with whom we have a close relation to. This is your guarantee of accurate and professional support throughout the whole process from your first contact to with us, to implementing our solution and beyond. 

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