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Lloydshare Receives Recognition from Ing. Juan Vela Ruiz, AMDETUR Presidente

News   •   Nov 03, 2010 21:36 GMT

The focus at the 2010 AMDETUR Convention in Mexico City was "Tourism facing the new challenges" and with Lloydshare receiving official recognition from the President of AMDETUR, the convention's theme seemed only fitting.

The internationally recognized financial company Lloydshare has been integral in the fight to cleanse the global timeshare industry of the scams and crooks by securing the financial investment of the resorts and timeshare's members of the world. Known for its flagship product, the Lloydshare Annuity, Lloydshare and its network of sales agents are continually on the look-out for the fraudulent operations out to steal and con unsuspecting travelers. Weary to put the Lloydshare seal of approval on the dishonest operations, resorts must apply to receive accreditation by the Lloydshare board members.

The AMDETUR Convention 2010 was directed at the challenges Mexican tourism companies must face in the upcoming season. As the US media continues to over-sensationalize Mexico as a flu-ridden country filled with bandits on the run as a method to encourage traveling within their country, Mexico tourism companies must fight even harder to get the tourists they require to survive.

Lloydshare, with a global reach servicing the members of timeshare, resorts, and private residences, understands the political reasoning unwarranted focus on Mexico, and is helping to restore the image of the southern neighbor of the US. With an ever-present sales force in Mexico, the Lloydshare executives in London are continually receiving reports from their staff. The word from the front lines is that Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and all the other tourist destinations in Mexico are safe for tourists to visit.

With Lloydshare working with the AMDETUR members to bring the tourism to Mexico, the President of AMDETUR graciously acknowledged Lloydshare's work, presenting the financial company with a Diploma from the AMDETUR board members in Mexico City at the 2010 AMDETUR Convention.

Lloydshare executives in London humbly accept the diploma presented by AMDETUR Presidente Ing. Juan Vela Ruiz, as this recognition only serves to further motivate the company to achieve the tourism levels Mexico deserves.

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