Lloydshare Annuities

Lloydshare takes the balanced approach

Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2010 20:50 GMT

The enormous success of the Lloydshare Deferred Annuity Programme within the Vacation Industry has been based on sound investment principles.  Not only have the same Lloydshare Financial Experts forecast solid and reliable growth in the long term, but the realtime profits accrued in the short term have enabled the gold standard company to branch out into an entirely new line of business.

“We’re hear to stay, but the truth is we’ve had such success already, that we’ve had to take a hard look and make some strategic decisions to solidify those profit margins and ensure sustainability.  That's why we've made this move into the market for direct financing.” explains Company Director Kenneth Dean.

“We’re considering all types, from mortgages to equity release programmes, and naturally that is a long term project where we pay out early and see our profits emerge down the line.   In fact it‘s an exact reverse of the Deferred Annuity business cycle, and will provide us with a balance of income and expenditure within every financial year, rather than the boom and bust approach which has brought down so many companies in recent times.   Market experts worldwide are advocating a steady sustainable approach to every business in these incertain times.   It helps our tax liability and supports recovery on all fronts.”

The announcement that may provide further reassurance to Lloydshare’s thousands of Deferred Annuity “Investors at a time when so many scare stories prevail.   People nowadays are very wary of being cheated or swindled by con artists selling fraudulent investments.

"There really are scams and fraudsters out there, and plenty of disreputable companies,“ warns Ken.   “People are right to beware, but they‘ll have no worries with Lloydshare!  The Lloydshare Funding company provides a great value return on loans, and shows our commitment to offering diverse financial solutions. It‘s all on the website- check it out today!” http://lloydsharefunding2.mortgagexsites.com/Home

It's certainly a further mark of Lloydshare's sound and responsible business acumen.  Risk-taking companies take note!

Lloydshare is the gold standard company, the providers of the Lloydshare Annuity.