Lloydshare Annuities

Lloydshare, the Global Leader of Deferred Annuities Gets Greener

Press Release   •   Sep 28, 2010 19:54 GMT

“No fakes allowed!” is the personal mission of Lloydshare sales rep Gina Martin, credited with spearheading the initiative at Lloydshare Limited London Office to replace lightbulbs with LEDs. “So many companies these days are claiming to be greening themselves, but basically lying to the public with phony statements about their green projects, any they are defrauding the pubic and their customers,” she advises.

“But at Lloydshare, we stand behind Mother Earth, and going that extra step starting with light bulbs.  It logical, and will save money immediately - and we are a financial company here to make money! Lloydshare won't halt our green platform, we want to avoid the impending nightmare for every citizen on planet earth if another energy crisis happens. That is what could happen, if-not for the world suddenly altering its energy habits.”

The Lloydshare reputation of a repsected financial house extends to the Lloydshare Annuities brand, making them both familiar names to vacation club and their membership, the timeshare and fractional owners of resort destinations. The Lloydshare flagship product, their deferred annuity, allows policy-holders to vacation for free, courtesy of a lump sum payout at the end of the term.

The Green initiatives at Lloydshare are hopefully going to extend to the timeshare and resort industry, ifnot further. Lloydshare has recently launched a product to cover the maintenance fees when using green and environmentally friendly products, putting the pressure on resorts to comply.

"It's essential now to stand up for Mother Nature against the corporations poisoning off the planet and ripping off our grandchildren from appreciating the beauty of nature,” says Gina. “There was a show on the Discovery Channel saying most of the world's population is going to die of cancer, or other polution-based illness. That's just us cheating ourselves, and the karma from scamming our way into a convenient lifestyle."

LEDs at Lloydshare offices are key players in slashing their power usage by nearly 10%. “We're on the right track right” Martyn acknowledges. "It was easy to convinceupper management, they're all quick to grasp new concepts."

"Personally speaking, banks, hedge fund management companies, and other financial companies to think more environmentally,“ says Gina. "Investing shouldn't just be about the dollars and cents, you should think where your money goes and invest in the environment as well."

Lloydshare is leading the green message with their new initiatives, and the message is loud and clear: Go green when you invest.

Lloydshare is the global leader of deferred annuities linked to vacation club membership.