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Lloydshare, the Gold Standard company, gets even Greener!

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2010 18:43 GMT

“No cheating allowed!” is the rallying cry of top sales executive Gina Martin, who is personally leading the exercise at the Lloydshare Limited London Office, and has made sure the replacements are 100% green and not fakes. “A lot of companies try to get on the Green or organic bandwagon, and they are basically defrauding the public, pretending to save the planet with dishonest claims about their green credentials, any they are no better than swindlers,” she explains.

“But at Lloydshare, we really believe in this, and we’ll go that extra mile with things even as petty as light bulbs.  It makes so much sense, and will save us all money long term- and people want their money! We‘ll never stop our green theme here at Lloydshare, because we want to avoid the nightmare for consumers, for citizens, and for every single child. That is what is presently facing this planet unless we change our ways.”

Known for being the global leader of deferred annuities linked to vacation club memberships, Lloydshare and the Lloydshare Annuities are a familiar name to most vacation club members, timeshare and fractional owners of resort destinations. Lloydshare's deferred annuity allows policy-holders to vacation for free, courtesy of a lump sum payout at the end of the term.

What is less known is that Lloydshare has been at the forefront of a new drive to ensure Green Themes permutate throughout the Vacation Club Industry, and even beyond.  For example, Lloydshare’s most recent expansion has been into providing maintenance linked annuities to cover hardware repairs, in a strictly green-product market.  For the latest on this, check their website.

Lloydshare's headquarters in Panama City, Panama and satellite offices in London, England give the company a global reach.  It seems that everyone at Lloydshare shares the Green Values, "In these times, we all need to be fight against those who are ripping off the planet.” says Gina. “I was reading the obituary the other day, and someone else had died of cancer.  I’m sure we’re poisoning the planet all the time and causing this. I'm proud to be part of a company with a progressive environmental platform."

The LED lighting in the Lloydshare offices have the potential to reduce the company's electricity consumption by almost 10%. “It‘s a step in the right direction” she explains. "It wasn't a hard sell when we proposed our initiatives to the board members, they're all financially-savvy individually."

"I'd like to see all the banks, private equity firms, and other financial institutions to go green,“ says Gina. "When you look to invest your money, you shouldn’t just beware the fraudsters in the business, look out for scammers and dodgy investments. You have to think wider, and get not only good financial advice, but good green advice!

It’s certainly a persuasive message and as Lloydshare refines their environmental impact, more and more financial companies are being urged to follow the Lloydshare lead.

Lloydshare is the global leader of deferred annuities linked to vacation club memberships.

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