Mynewsdesk will help your exhibitors and visitors to get a better experience when they attend your events. By including Mynewsdesk in the event kit, your exhibitors get the best press release service which leads to great exposure and added value that will make them come back for next event.

Myeventfeed is creating the possibility for all your exhibitors to send out pressreleases to a frame on your webpage. Two examples: TUR and The Book Fair. Your site will be more alive and visitors will have a reason to come back and see the latest news. You will be easier to find on google and have more visitors, journalists and opinion leaders coming to your site. We are extending the event experience for your customers. The graph shows visitors at your web page before, during and after your event.


How it works

Step 1: Create account

To start creating a feed for events you need to create a Partner account. Click the button and go through the quick process.

Step 2: Implement API

This is the API documentation. All information needed to implement the channel is in this documentation. If you miss something, please contact support.

Benefits as event organiser

  • Live content on webpage
  • SEO
  • Drive journalists to your site
  • Drive existing and future exhibitors to site – more stands sold
  • Drive visitors – more tickets sold
  • Cooperation with members
  • Exposure

Benefits as exhibitor

  • Exposure on credibel source
  • Extra value for membership
  • SEO
  • More journalist to find your company
  • Easier for customers to find you
  • Easier to connect with other companies/find cooperation

In the partnership package you can find all the information that you need. If the answers you are looking for aren’t in the package you can always contact our support at or call: +46 (0)8-644 89 50. The support answers questions about feed and also about Mynewsdesk products.

+46 (0)8-644 89 50