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Gas boiler to Göteborg Energi

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:49 UTC

(​16 April 2018) For the biogas upgrade plant in Gasendal, Göteborg Energi needs increased heat capacity and chooses to purchase the new gas boiler from Petro. For the new boiler, Petro delivers its proprietary PMES gas burner including gas train and boiler control. The new boiler will supply 1.5MW of heat.

Pine oil pitch - fuel conversion for Skanska's asphalt production

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:49 UTC

(​19 March 2018) Skanska's road to sustainable asphalt production continues together with Petro. At two asphalt mixing plants, Skanska converts its production to run on pine oil pitch instead of fossil oil. Pine oil pitch is a residual product in the production of pulp. It is to be considered a rather "difficult" bio-oil.

Petro Bio AB moves in with the VYNCKE Group

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:48 UTC

(​29 January 2018) The Belgian company VYNCKE NV has been synonymous with high quality biomass boilers for more than a hundred years. Through the acquisition of Swedish PetroBio they expand their portfolio of solutions for their customers’ energy needs.

New gas burner to Skarvik harbor

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:47 UTC

(​27 November 2017) New gas burner to the harbor of Skarvik

Chalmers University of Technology buys a new research boiler

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:47 UTC

(​15 November 2017) Petro Bio AB has been chosen as a supplier to Akademiska Hus / Chalmers University of Technology and their new biofuel boiler. The boiler plant will be used as a research boiler with the ability to produce electricity via turbine and district heating via condenser.

Skanska continues on the green road

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:46 UTC

(​2 November 2017) By Skanska Industrial Solution AB, PetroBio has received the honor of converting their asphalt plants to renewable fuels. Three new facilities will be completed in the autumn. Petro supplies and installs new multi fuel burners and complete fuel management including control systems.

British biomass hat-trick

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:46 UTC

(​9 March 2016) Babcock & Wilcox Völund have won there third major contract for a biomass facility in the UK: a 40MWe waste wood biomass plant in Teesside including 15 years of operation and maintenance.

Petro delivers 36 burners in one order

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:45 UTC

(​1 October 2015) In the city of Cherepovets has Petro contributed with new gas burners in the renovation of one of the city's district heating stations. The complex includes three large boilers. Each boiler is equipped with 12 new PMES burner from Petro, six burners on each side. The burners are installed by our Russian collaboration partner Nordkraft Ltd.

Skanska turns green

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:38 UTC

(​23 June 2015) Skanska has now ordered the conversion of a second asphalt plant, from LPG to wood powder. The new plant is located in Upplands Vasby and will be converted during the autumn, so that it is ready to start on wood powder when production starts in 2016.

Steam boiler process – sustainable, alternative energy solution

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:37 UTC

(​22 June 2015) PetroBio delivers part of the boiler house to Harjavalta, Finland Along with Renewa Oy, Petro Bio AB signed delivery of a complete boiler house to the STEP Energy Oy. The boiler will be built in Harjavalta and from it STEP is going to supply steam to its customer Norilsk Nickel.

Skanska makes asphalt of wood powder

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:31 UTC

(​29 May 2015) Skanska makes asphalt of wood powder During the winter PetroBio on behalf of Skanska, upgraded the asphalt plant in Önnestad to use wood powder as the main fuel instead of LPG previously used.

Petro Bio AB builds new boiler room in Turku, Finland

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:12 UTC

(​17 December 2014) Petro Bio AB builds new boiler room in Turku, Finland. Together with our business partner Renewa Oy, Petro has secured a contract for a new boiler plant to Turku Energia Oy in Turku, Finland. It is in total 40MW and will be fired with wood powder grounded from wood pellets.

Energy plant named ‘Renewable Energy Project of the Year’

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:08 UTC

(September 23, 2013) A biomass boiler at The Jackson Laboratory that can burn wood pellets in place of fossil fuels has earned the designation “Renewable Energy Project of the Year” from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for the northeastern U.S. region.

Petro wins burner contract in Konin, Polen

News   •   Jun 19, 2019 08:07 UTC

(​25 October 2013) Martin Gmbh builds a waste incineration plant in Konin, Poland. Petro delivers two 8.5MW start- and load-burners with Martin’s delivery of a turn-key plant.