​Top 4 games to play real money on smarts phone 2019

Blog post   •   Aug 28, 2019 01:37 GMT

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4 Best Online Cash Exchange games 2019

Top 1: Baccarat

  • How to play Baccarat ( Card Game ) Online on a phone is no different from playing Baccarat on the website soi kèo bóng đá.
  • Each player has about 25s choosing the betting price of chips to bet on the door on the table
  • After the player has placed the bet, the dealer begins to divide the
  • The dealer is divided by Banker, Player (player) with 2 cards. Depending on the score of 2 cards, the 3rd card is dealt.
  • Player and Banker two points
  • Which side has a larger score, the party wins
  • 9 points is the highest score of the game.
  • Baccarat is an easy-to-eat game because it is game not only based on luck but also the rule of winning.
  • You just need to observe that the betting history will recognize the rule. There will be 2-3 continuous boards on the Banker, then on the Player, then the Banker.

Top 2: Dragon Tiger

  • How to play Dragon Tiger is not a lot different from playing Baccarat, it is also the cards.
  • Each player has 25s to choose the denomination chịp bet and bet on the door on the table.
  • Bets are done, the dealer divides
  • The dealer shares the Dragon and Tiger by 1 card
  • To the card, the party score higher than the winning
  • For dividing each party 1 card, the game also easy to eat no less Baccarat. You only need to remember the cards that are dealt through the betting, then judgements and wagering.
  • Or you can apply the foldable method in this game. I.e., betting on the original bet, but with the level of the game after doubling the previous game.


  • Game 1: Dragon Gate, with bet level 25.000 VND = > odds
  • Game 2: Continue the Dragon door, with a wager 50.000 VND = > odds
  • Game 3: Continue the Dragon shop, with a bet of 100,000 VND = > win, collect both the original and interest.
  • Game 4: Return to the original bet level.

Top 3: Roulette

  • Playing Roulette on the phone at the dealer Game Quay Hũ nothing Difficult:
  • Each player has 1 given time period to bet
  • Players who bet, the dealer spins a Roulette wheel
  • Last few seconds, the dealer spins a small ball around the Roulette wheel
  • The small ball stops at any number, which uses the number as a betting result.
  • Looking at the Roulette games everyone thinks this is hard to eat money game but actually it is very easy.
  • It has many betting outlets but not all betting markets offer a high winning rate.
  • You should choose a bet that brings a high winning rate that bet: for example, color (red/black), odd/even, half table bet 18 numbers (1-18, 19 – 36). These are betting outlets with a 50% win rate.

Top 4: Tien len tradational game in Viet Nam

How to play forward to eating real money you can refer to here: A guide to playing forward and eating real money at the dealer in Fb88.com

This game is already too familiar, each player will be dealt up to 13 cards, just you hit all the cards on hand before the win.


Above is the top 4 game currency exchange real money on the iPhone Ultra easy to eat money, have you participated in the experience all these games? If not, play now. Many interesting things await you. I wish you fun and make a lot of money from the dealer.

Source : Fb88