Inaugural Student Selection Day

News   •   Dec 12, 2011 15:59 GMT

BagoSphere has selected its first batch of students!

The selection for our inaugural batch of BagoSphere students was held at the Community Center at Bago City on the 6th of June 2011. We were honoured to have the presence of the representative from the department of education of Bago City, City administrators, a representative from our business partner Teleperformance, members of our think tank, parents and 32 potential students.

The students underwent two activities, one of which is group activity and the other one is individual interview. The purpose of the group activity was to access the applicant’s innate ability which includes building rapport, pro-activeness, confidence, motivation and communication. We were able to identify these qualities by consulting call center industry practitioners. Successful applicants will be informed after the test.

The session not only selected suitable candidates to participate in the program but also provided the community of Bago City and our business partners with information pertaining to the training the students will be receiving at BagoSphere, our future plans, student financial matters and information on a call center job.