Blizzard Paid Attentions to Wow Mobile Garrison Concept from Players

Press release   •   Mar 27, 2015 03:07 GMT

It seems that Blizzard always like to hire his fans to manage the game. Recently, a lucky dog has got a chance to talk with Blizzard. This player came up with a marvelous mobile garrison concept, which appeals to both Blizzard and wow players. Amazing, ha? It is closer to put mobile WOW into practice.

Current garrison system is like a mobile game

If you have kept from the keyboard of World of Warcraft for yeara, you may lose much fun from WOW Garrison. The current garrison looks like a mobile game much more. When you reach level 100, you can build your own garrisons, where you can assign your followers to complete various tasks and make cheap wow Warlords of Draenor gold. Even though you can monitor the progress with plug-ins, you still need to log in your wow account on the computer to manage all these tasks. In a word, players cannot do it without computers.

Concept of mobile garrison app

Out of the above reason, a wow player from Reddit, named Sinfonianartist, tried to make an APP to manage garrison. Now this APP is been improving one by one, and he also screenshots how it works with details.

wow mobile garrison app

Certainly, this idea makes all wow players thrilled. Of course, the wow garrison is cool, but players cannot help to worry about the follower tasks when the computer is not at hand. Such app for wow garrison is handy if it can be adopted by Blizzard. Thus, players may gain a wow gear from raid through just clicking it on the phone.

Do you want such an APP is launched in wow? And will Blizzard allow this APP made by unofficial to be applied in their game? Who knows! But it is definitely a good start. Before that, if you need cheap wow gold eu for sale, you can purchase it on and apply 6% off code “WOW6OFF” to your order.


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