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Ideas for Christmas Party in Philippines: A private wine party at home or office

Press Release   •   Oct 23, 2010 09:18 GMT

Yats Wine Cellars regularly hold non-commercial wine tasting to help wine enthusiasts expand their knowledge of wine in a most enjoyable and affordable way.  These tastings are different from other commercial tastings.  The wines from these tastings are not sponsored by a wine merchant and there are no salesmen.  Participants are in the company of people of all ages from all walks all sharing at least one common interest – wine.


Yats Wine Cellars can plan and organize the wine party, design the wine theme, provide the notes for the tasting, the wine for the lineup, glassware and service staff to cater to a private wine party at your designated party venue in Manila or Pampanga Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone.  Cost starts at around p900/head and varies according to the quality of wine as well as the number of servings per person.


Someone from Yats Wine Cellars will always be available to answer questions or discuss topics pertinent to the theme of the wines in the event.  Otherwise the event is a self-paced tasting exercise that is the most economical way to sample expensive and rare wines.


Theme of this event

Each wine tasting event has a special theme, all designed to enable the participants to do comparative tastings of a certain type or class of wines.  Themes that have proven very popular in the past include tasting of older vintage wines.  Participants taste a 10-year-old against a 30-year-old wine for example, and that can be quite a revelation for many wine lovers even those who are seasoned wine drinkers.  Then there are new-world .vs. old-world wines which really drives home the point that new- and old-world is about style not geography.  A custom-designed theme is given to each individual event to give it that extra unique character.



About the Wines

The lineup is usually quite large so participants have to pick and choose the wines to taste.  There are enough bottles to accommodate all the tickets sold.  Bottles are not replenished after they have been consumed.   Pouring size is around 50-60ml.   The wines are not available in Manila’s wine shops and that makes the wine party a special treat to all the participants.


Food is usually secondary in a wine party.  Many hosts opt to order simple takeouts and deliveries like pizzas or local fares.  Advice can be sought from Yats Wine Cellars to avoid creating a clash between the food and the wine.  A good 10-day is preferred to ensure proper planning and preparation for a wine event although it can be done with even shorter notice.


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Yats Wine Cellars offers a wide range of vintage wine for restaurateurs, wine hobbyists, connoisseurs and collectors.  Clark Wine Center offers full range of accessories, luxury liquor and imported beers.  Wine Tasting events are held regularly.