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Techzek.com Launched to Provide Latest Gadget News & Reviews

Press release   •   Dec 07, 2011 09:06 GMT

"What an incredible acceleration of technology that’s fueling positive change in our lifestyles? But not really if we aren’t tuning into what’s happening in the technology front and staying informed. With the same thing in mind we launched an out and out technology portal named Techzek,” said Divyesh Panchal founder of the Techzek.com

When asked about the purpose of launching Techzek.com he said, “The main intent of launching this technology portal is to provide everything about technology: gadget news, smartphone news, smartphone reviews, laptop and notebook news and reviews, window software and hardware news, software reviews, Android Gadgets and Apple iPhone news and updates and gadget reviews and app reviews on one website. I myself a tech enthusiast, was duped by so called tech gizmos; bought a smartphone after reading a BIASED review and came to know it was worth no more than peanuts, and even got carried away by a laptop review. That was when I felt need for honest tech reviews site and we launched the Techzek.com.”

He further remarked, “While Techzek may not be the first out-and-out technology portal, we are very proud that at Techzek people will read UNBIASED reviews and information about the latest gadgets that will help them in informed decision making.

While there are many big names in the Technology domain, not all of these are trustworthy sites. Most of the sites publish paid previews and reviews which can be called as mere advertisement portals but not informative sites. We at Techzek promise to become trustworthy and reliable information source but not a paid review site.”

Adding more he said, “We even appreciate our readers voicing their thoughts and invite comments which can help fellow readers as regards smartphone reviews, the best smartphone around, the best laptop, laptop review, best notebook, notebook review, or information about any latest gadget they know.

We know every tech geek has his own version to tell; be it a Best smartphone reviews, or the best smartphone or best laptop, or new Android game review or about social networking or even reviews about the latest windows software and hardware. That is why we have so many authors whose views in the field of technology or experience with gadgets including smartphones, laptops, notebooks, iDevices, windows software or Android games will help give diverse voice and variety in terms of reading experience for the site visitors.”

“We are now 6 months into serious tech blogging grabbing about a thousand Twitter followers and many facebook likes. We are also investing in SEO to help feature our portal in the top 20,000 sites on the web with more than 10,000 daily visitors and with 20k page views. I hope with the wishes of Techzek fans our portal will become a big name to reckon with soon online and an ideal hangout for every tech geek around,” he quipped and signed off.

Techzek is a budding tech hub with product reviews, gadget previews, iPhone scoops, iPad gossips, dos and dont’s of a product/gadget, How to’s, fixes and solutions to software or App glitches, and much more. Giving daily dose of tech news, the site updates as frequently as a reader would eat and striving to be a leading tech hub online. The site loads fast and has visitor-friendly navigation. The site stays away from spreading hoaxes but spreads right information at the right time to benefit readers (whether making an informed decision on best laptop or fixing iPhone battery drain issues themselves. To learn more feel free to visit the site http://www.techzek.com.