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Makro Cash & Carry Poland implements marketplace by Infinite

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2016 10:38 CET

The FMCG industry in Poland is considered to be a highly competitive environment, what makes it necessary for its key players to quickly react to the market shifts. That is why, these days specialised IT solutions gain in popularity in the trade industry. Out of a number of e-commerce systems Makro selected marketplace for distributors by Infinite which is one of the most mature systems on the Polish market. The implementation of marketplace will allow Makro to strengthen the position of leading distributor in Poland through optimising trade-related processes which take place between Makro warehouses and their customers all over Poland on a daily basis.

“Our e-commerce platform has been systematically developed for the past 15 years and is fully capable of covering key business processes at Makro Poland e.g. offer management, order processing, promotion management, complaint management, finance & controlling. The system deployment will reduce the costs of order processing, while maintaining top standards of customer service. Dedicated features will be developed for Makro so as to fit into the company’s standards of trading transactions” – Krystyna Tchorzewska, Director of Sales and Product Development for FMCG Industry at Infinite, comments.

The trading platform is planned to be integrated with ERP and CRM solutions used by Makro. Thanks to the synchronisation of data from various IT systems the company will be able to process its orders using current trading information. Moreover, the data synchronisation will make introducing any changes or updates much easier.

The implementation of marketplace for distributors offers numerous improvements to Makro customers. Having constant access to the offer and current promotional actions, stores will be able to make orders round the clock, from any convenient location. The business potential of the system was recognised by the store owners themselves in 2014, when they awarded the title of “Srebrna Perła Rynku FMCG 2014” to marketplace by Infinite.

Infinite is closely linked to the FMCG industry. The IT company has been developing software for producers, distributors and retail chains which automates their major business processes for the past 14 years. The company’s service offerings encompass sales-support SFA solutions, EDI systems which allow users to exchange and archive e-documents as well as ERP software for distributors. 

Infinite has designed and developed IT solutions which automate and enhance key business processes since 2002. The systems are deployed in various industries, including: FMCG, automotive industry, heavy industry, DIY andSHE.

IT tools offered by Infinite have been successfully deployed in over 5 000 companies in Poland as well as abroad. The company systematically strengthens its position as the B2B systems provider on numerous international markets. Infinite systems operate, among others, in Germany, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia andthe UAE.