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Where to seek savings in your company? – e-services for business

Press release   •   Mar 25, 2015 11:01 CET

The underlying idea of e-services proliferation is the attempt to efficiently manage business data in enterprises. The volume of generated information is constantly on the rise, what makes controlling it manually nearly impossible. And it is the ability to properly apply the possessed trading data that drives the market success.

According to the report by McKinsey&Company, searching and gathering data engages as much as 20% of average workweek. Such a tremendous time loss doesn’t take place with the system automating data interchange between entities – earned time can be used by employees for the core business, not plain logistics. The optimisation of administrative procedures contributes to the reduction of operational costs.

Specialised IT solutions are here to stay in retail trade since they allow enterprises to accelerate the efficiency of supply chain. The deployment of EDI system in Fackelmann Poland, the distributor of household items, can serve as an example.

“Smooth cooperation with numerous chains being Fackelmann Poland business partners was a challenge with respect to the efficient management of invoices and orders in paper, what generated serious problems about the data correctness. That is why, EDI system by Infinite enabling both processing and archiving of various documents within the supply chain was launched. EDI system allows Fackelmann Poland to enhance the cycle of documents interchange (invoices, corrective invoices, delivery notes), what contributes to the substantial cost cuts related to the order processing. The whole supply process with our chains was streamlined thanks to quicker transfer of logistics information.” – Krzysztof Ogrodnik, the Chairman of Management Board at Fackelmann Poland, comments.

EDI solutions provide enterprises with a reliable and standardised system of data interchange. The issue of data security is also worth noting in here. Access to e-docs is granted only to selected users within an organisation, while each and every activity is recorded with a time stamp. Most importantly, the provider of EDI services is obliged to abide by the legal regulations regarding authenticity and integrity of e-invoice’s content.  

Infinite has designed and developed IT solutions which automate and enhance key business processes since 2002. The systems are deployed in various industries, including: FMCG, automotive industry, heavy industry, DIY and SHE.

IT tools offered by Infinite have been successfully deployed in over 5 000 companies in Poland as well as abroad. The company systematically strengthens its position as the B2B systems provider on numerous international markets. Infinite systems operate, among others, in Germany, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the UAE.