Added customer value when SEQR launches connection to loyalty programs

Press Release   •   Dec 05, 2013 09:00 GMT

Seamless (OMX: SEAM) launches a new feature to its mobile payment solution SEQR. The all-in-one mobile wallet now includes the possibility to connect merchants’ loyalty programs to the app. Axfood, who were first to launch SEQR in all of their stores across Sweden, are now also the first to introduce the new feature to their customers. Members of the supermarkets Hemköp and Willys’ loyalty programs are the first to be offered this much requested added value feature.

- In addition to the savings SEQR means for the merchants through the decreased transaction costs, the success of mobile payments lies in creating added values for the consumer. Since the SEQR-app is a generic payment solution we have the possibility to continuously add new functions based on customer demand. The ability to connect loyalty programs to the SEQR-app is a much requested function, says Peter Fredell, CEO, Seamless that provides SEQR.

The goal is that SEQR-users should be able to aggregate all their loyalty cards and coupons in the SEQR-app and not have to drag around a wallet full of receipts, coupons, payment cards, bus card and loyalty cards. Today all receipts are stored in the app. 

This is how you connect loyalty cards with SEQR*:

1.  At the first time of purchase, the customer identifies him/herself as a member of the store’s loyalty program (Hemköp Bonusmedlemskap, Willys+)

2.  The customer chooses SEQR as method of payment and is automatically asked in app:
- Would you like to connect your loyalty card to SEQR?

3.  The customer checks the “loyalty box” and approves with ok

4.  At the next time of purchase, the loyalty points will be added automatically

*see image attached

ABOUT SEQR, by Seamless
SEQR (se•cure) is Sweden’s and Europe’s most used mobile wallet in stores and online. SEQR enables anybody with a smartphone to pay in stores, at restaurants, parking lots and online, transfer money at no charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly through one mobile app. Through the SEQR app, the user simply scans or taps a QR-code/NFC at check-out and approves the purchase by entering a PIN code. Fast, smooth and safe, SEQR’s payment solution enables merchants to lower interchange fees significantly compared to those charged by traditional card companies. SEQR’s unique transaction platform has been developed by Seamless, one of the world’s largest suppliers of payment systems for mobile phones. Founded in 2001 and active in 30 countries, Seamless handles more than 3,1 billion transactions annually through 525 000 active sales outlets. SEQR is available at Sweden’s largest grocery chains, fast food chains and national retailer chains including McDonald’s, Hemköp and Ur&Penn. In 2013 SEQR was launched in Romania together with GarantiBank and in the spring of 2014 SEQR will be launched in Belgium together with bpost bank. Seamless is traded on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, under the SEAM ticker.