Announcing The Release Of Top Vs Bottom From Field Course LLC, The New Party Game For College Students

Press release   •   May 14, 2014 12:00 UTC

Top vs. Bottom hit the Apple App Store last week. This cheeky new game engages participants in comical debates for hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Developed by a team of Harvard Business School students seeking to offer an alternative to Heads Up! and Cards Against Humanity, Top vs. Bottom will offer answers to some of society’s age-old questions…

Window seat or Aisle seat?

Oscar the Grouch or Big Bird?

Fashion models or Excel models?

Clothes-wearing society or Nudist colony?

The game is played on a single mobile device, with up to eight participants. In each round of play, the game will randomly select two persons to face-off on a hilarious pairing of topics. Each selected player must argue in favor of whichever term they have been assigned, regardless of personal preference. The debate is passed back and forth between the two selected players, until time runs out. At the end of the round, the audience of non-selected players chooses the winner. The first player to win 5 rounds is victorious! Topics range from the cleanest of clean to make-sure-your-mother-isn’t-around naughty.

Developed over the course of several months, the team is confident that this game has wide and proven appeal. “We have now played with a large number of college students in the Boston area and we think there is real demand for a product like Top vs. Bottom. Support from avid gamers and fellow game developers at the Boston Games Forum has also been very encouraging,” said Fred Spring, one of the team members behind Top vs. Bottom.

As of now, the app remains in trial mode and is currently available only for iOS. Other operating systems will be covered in future releases. Future releases will also include thematic expansion packs as well as certain exciting social features that will allow dedicated players not only to debate for hours but also propose, rank, and share pairings.

About Field Course LLC

Top vs. Bottom was developed by a team of six Harvard Business School students with backgrounds in product development, management consulting, and finance. While first-time developers, the team is excited about the potential and prospect of this product.

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