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Are you in a FM, Engineering or Property job you hate or desperate to get that promotion in 2014?

Press Release   •   Dec 31, 2013 00:28 GMT

Deciding you want to make some big changes to your working life is great but before you do anything, read our tips on what to consider before you take the plunge.

1. Your current work situation

“It's not me, it's them.” Sometimes, jumping ship can mask issues you want to leave behind in your current employment but which you might end up taking with you. If you feel no one appreciates you and the management team is exploiting you, it might be you have some development issues that are better addressed in a known employment environment. Get some feedback from someone you trust at work about your chances of thriving in a different company.

2. Your flexibility

Sometimes people are committed to a location or can only work during certain hours because they have childcare or other responsibilities. This doesn't need to be as restrictive as it sounds but think about what you can and can't do as certain ways of working might suit you better.

3. Your personality and your values

Have you ever had your personality profiled? If you have, you know it highlights how you like to work. Identifying the personal values that are core to you feeling happy at work is important – start by writing a list.

Working in a way you prefer means you will perform well: this, coupled with a personality that is aligned with the industry you work for, is significant.

4. Your motivation and goals

Depending on which stage of career you're at, your motivation for changing jobs will vary wildly. There will be some people reading this that would consider just about anything for better perks, more money, career progression – and success. Others only want a job that gives them a good work/life balance. So ask yourself, does your planned change fit in with your master plan?

5. Your boundaries

We all have natural strengths and no amount of development, training or pushing will truly change that. It is much better to play to your strengths than it is to set unrealistic goals.

If you are unsure about what you should be aiming for, ask your current boss or someone whom you respect and admire for their opinion. It might be you are in your comfort zone and a new job and challenge will see you flourish.

Hopefully you’ve digested all of the above and are ready to take the next step in your career, we recommend firstly, taking a look over our website to see if we have any vacancies that are of interest and secondly apply and thirdly in the New Year pick the telephone up and call 0207 621 8960 to book an appointment to meet one of our consultants, take a proactive interest in your career and meet the individuals you trust to help you advance your career.

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